February 2, 2023

Fox and Whine’s Whines

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I have recently come to rename Fox News Channel’s morning show, Fox and Friends, as Fox and Whine. That name should be self explanatory because all they ever do is whine about the left. However of late, their whining about the left carries with it a certain degree of Second Grade excitement due to the results of the recent presidential selection.

But I did have to laugh this morning, as I listened to the blonde bimbo, interviewing somebody, the topic of which is irrelevant. Often I have heard anchors on Fox and Whine refer to “The Mainstream Media” and presenting it in such a way that one would think they were excluding themselves from that labeling.

But this morning, there was no doubt left as the bimbo spoke the term “Mainstream Media” to the interviewee, following the comment with an explanation that “there are three members of the Mainstream Media.” She didn’t name them, but obviously intended to mean ABC, CBS and NBC.

This is akin to a member of the United States Congress being interviewed and shitting on “Congress” for how terrible they are and how the public has a very low opinion of them…somehow putting him or herself on the high ground and above reproach.

Isn’t it easy to call and label others while exempting yourself? It is more a reflection of how most people support more and tougher laws, including more restrictions on our rights, believing they are not supporting any of them to effect them in any way.


There ought to be a law!!! Bwahahahahahahaha