December 9, 2023

Deer Baiting Bill Shot Down in Committee

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The proposed deer baiting bill for Maine deer hunting was shot down in committee, I am being told. One reason given was that, “this could really hurt the pride of hunting in Maine,” and explained that shooting deer over bait would incite groups like the Humane Society to “ripping these things apart,” and, “to see our hunting industry jeopardized.” Helloooooo!

The Humane Society of the United States and others, are already doing everything to “rip(ping) these things apart,” and to put the hunting industry in jeopardy. Although I don’t support hunting over bait, this is just the kind of reaction groups like the Humane Society of the United States hope to create – to live in fear of their shadow.

One guide at the hearing commented that it was legal to hunt over “crops” that deer like to feed on, so what was the difference? There are some obvious differences but it is my opinion that hunting over “crops” shouldn’t be allowed either. I like to see hunting as HUNTing not shooting.

But it still comes down as a practice that is not needed in Maine for deer hunting. It only promotes more lazy hunting and could jeopardize the opportunities of others by forcing a shorter season, among other reasons. Should the management of deer in Maine become necessary to implement a baiting rule, then this is a tool that should be available to the department.

Congratulations to the Committee for defeating this measure.

“AUGUSTA — A legislative committee voted Tuesday against endorsing a bill that would have ended the state’s prohibition on using bait to hunt deer in Maine.”<<<Read More>>>