January 20, 2018

The Purpose of Welfare

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I had a brief but interesting exchange of emails from a close friend the other day. The foundation of the original email was concern over a growing trend in Maine of home invasions – something rarely found in the Pine Tree State, and as a result more people are taking to arming themselves for protection.

Found within the text of the email was this statement: “Many years ago a state government official told me that Welfare was not designed to make people happier and healthier. The purpose was to keep them from attacking you.” I suppose this can be compared, at least somewhat, to keeping the lion fed so he doesn’t have reason to attack, kill and eat you. As an aside, this statement was made over 30 years ago by a Leftist. My how things have changed.

The point being that with a new administration in Washington, at least the perception is that there is a crack down on drug offenders, and criminals in general, and that free handouts will be reeled in, causing the effect of more home invasions, i.e. the lion not getting what he has become accustomed to receiving without having to work for it.

Arm up and stop the freeloading!

  • RattlerRider

    So I have nice retail store in the city. Once a week this big Italian dude with a few friends comes around collecting a percentage for protection.. If I don’t pay he busts the place up.. If I pay he doesn’t bust the place up.. In fact if i don’t pay he puts me out of business. Then he leases retail space to somebody who will pay. Lat time he was here he changed the rules.. I pay quarterly and his goons have nice clean haircuts and uniforms..

  • RattlerRider

    The protection cost has become so high I closed up the business for good. Everyone I know whether self employed or just employed is in hawk over their head. They have no savings. Most of them don’t own their vehicles nor homes. There are quite a few fools working for federal money on various things, roads and what have you.. What they’re doing is helping destroy the rest of the businesses out here that cannot afford the protection costs any longer.. Its amazing watching people eating their neighbors in this economic shit hole.

  • RattlerRider