January 16, 2018

Will The Synagogue Of Satan Mock With Truth?

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Of course they will. Is Skiba Hall? I don’t know. Is he a Freemason playing a role? I suspect so. I’ve looked at this guy for quite some time and I like what he’s doing but I also don’t trust him. The Prophecy Club with Tom Horn and Steve Quayle I don’t trust at all.. I do have Quayle’s Giants book. Were there giants back in the day? Well ask David about Goliath.. Can these scientists of these modern times resurrect the serpent seed? I wouldn’t be surprised by anything these people do.  Now moving on to Ed Chiarini – David Weiss – Dallas Gold Bug.. It’s my opinion that he is showing us the various characters the actors and politicians, including musicians and sports stars are playing. I think its real. I also think Ed works for them and they’re mocking us with it. It’s kinda like when we were children and we got in trouble with our parents and your brother or sister is smiling at you while they lower the boom on your butt.. They’re mocking us. So what you can see our many faces.. What are you gonna do about it? You think the Adversary won’t mock you with the truth? Think again. You’ve excepted the homosexual agenda into your society. The transgender agenda. You let your children watch them on that TV.. You deserve what you’re getting.. They’re rubbing your noses in it and laughing at you..



  • RattlerRider

    It’s only real if it’s on TV..

  • RattlerRider
    • TRemington

      So, in the video someone says that it is a violation of human rights if you attempt to sort out a child’s gender. Where is the violation of human rights when that same person goes in a murders the same child while in the uterus?

      • RattlerRider

        Doesn’t the free sex social behavioral engineering lead to the “necessity” to eliminate the results of careless activity? Genocide.. Play the field mentality. Fornication, Adultery.. Sneak in the Homosexual agenda.. Evolves into the Hermaphrodite agenda.. I started calling that trannycide.. I’d wager the majority of abortion clinic clients are teens who shouldn’t be having sex. Oh wait.. The TV said it was ok..

  • RattlerRider
  • So how do I work for them if I’m showin you who they are and making it more difficult for them to continue their bullshit?

    And as for your Weiss crap. You obviously have never even viewed my videos or you would know the fucfking age and voice are off. Why not use ear biometrics to prove your bullshit? Because you are a tool that’s why.

    • RattlerRider

      You’re only fooling yourself if you think you make what they’re doing more difficult. You’re about as much trouble to those people as a mosquito is.. If anything they’ve increased their fake news projects tenfold.. Just the division of the different researchers working to expose their corporate corruption itself works in these corporations owners favor.. Everyone is divided.. You might be straight up trying to expose them on your own and you could just as easily be putting this out because it also can ruin a researchers credibility and is a great way to mock people that see it, even if is the truth.. Almost 100% of the truth arena is controlled opposition. This corporation since 1783 is their intellectual property. It’s all a private business. that is exactly what political charters are, privately owned intellectual properties established for nation/state management.. There is an owner of the worldwide economic system.. An owner.. Get it.. The owner can make it boom or make it bust.. That has no effect upon the owner..The owner has total control of all real wealth. All resources including human resources. The owner owns the banks the negotiable debt instruments and all contract national and international. The owner owns all law, all laws, including the common law and all languages in word and term. These clowns you expose are protecting that owners business.. That business is international and way above your Greenberg/Disney’s…WHO THEY BOW THEIR KNEE TO..

      • You really need to do your homework on me. A king sends his Crown Princess to take me to Arizona to get dirt on me, Do you see tony greenberg on TV any more, You see his nephew Brett but he’s getting phased out because of me. I Caused the fucking pope to step down and the new one to attack me on his bs blog. The COUNTLESS number of elected officials who stepped down just shortly after I exposed them. Causing Elvis and his daughter to run for the hills, Jay Rockefeller just 24 hrs after I exposed him he states he will not seek reelection. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They have made me several offers to buy me out all of them I’ve turned down EVEN ALEX JONES CREW offered to buy my site but I told them where they could put their chump change. Man you really need to brush up on my work.

        • RattlerRider

          All any of that is is an argument that boils down to your claims of success against it either being the truth, or some other legit or illegitimate reasonable excuse those people can make for what they did at the time of your alleged exposure of them and why they did it.. Even if you were this successful at flushing them out they are all Court Jesters, Clowns.. So the international corporate entity that owns the U.S. corporation and all of its corporate affiliates bounced some clowns around.. Why don’t you quit trying to save a fictional corporate nation/state fraud these liars began in 1783 and brush up on the real big picture of who pulls all of those clowns strings.. The left right Hegelian dialectical paradigm is a 100% fraud and you know it.. It is a fraud because it all is a private business that is none of our business built upon a myth and it is the belief of the gullible in that myth these assholes are maintaining..

          {Like a national Security State the very definition of secrecy used in protecting a private business such as the U.S. Corporation would ever tell its dim dot subjects it’s actual business plan. Which is why it lies through its teeth and uses Court Jestor Props pretending they are conducting business in the news}

          “We the People” meant those signatories of the political charter COTUS contract that set this shit show in motion.. “Our Posterity” means their legal bloodline.. So the fake is much deeper than your Court Jesters skins you’re exposing.. You cannot take back something that was never yours. And that be the fake U.S. government that is a foreign owned corporation. You’ll never put Humpty Dumpty back together again. By Humpty Dumpty, I mean, ‘the mythos of minimalist government’. It is a daydream, a fantasy that it has had our, the citizen subjects best interests in mind which has never existed but in the collective imaginations of its fake history it has been selling for over two hundred years.. Obviously with court jesters clown props as you’ve shown since day one.. Even good old honest George W. was in on the action aye…I know how deep this charade goes Ed.. Back to 1213 and King John giving Britain to the Vatican.. Just going skin deep doesn’t cut it.. While those court jester clowns playing their games have your attention who’s running the international business?

          Those Actors Court Jesters – clowns, the court clowns you’re pointing towards lick these families nuts, or water ever it is they have between their legs..…;

          Matteiano, Flaminio, Vaticano, Dogali, Solare, Lateranense, Minerveo, Macuteo, Sallustiano, Quirinale, Agonallis, Pinciano, Esquiline, Ancient bloodlines of Saturnia. The Saturnalian Brotherhood. House of Borja, House of Breakspear, House of Somaglia, House of Orsini, House of Conti, House of Chigi, House of Colonna, House of Farnese, House of Medici, House of Gaetani, House of Pamphili, House of Este, House of Aldobrandini {Satan}, House of Pallavincini. These are the Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty Rulers.

          Yes these blood lines of Ancient Egypt have been using actors for Popes for three or more centuries now…

          As far as your work behind your pay wall goes… I don’t buy what i can’t see..

          • AGAIN you fail to do your homework like I said:


            Because of this the police chief resigned the following day

            You state the country is owned by an International corp, CORRECT. But do you know how they continue to pull it off? How does an actor get into the position of elected official?
            I am the only one that is informing people of the loophole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9alpssBwuT0&t=2s

            I back my statements up with scientific forensic evaluations that are accepted in court

            I could go on and on but Ill leave you with one last item.
            Who do you know that has won a Supreme Court Decision that enables Texans to open carry? Chiarini v Texas. So if you question who I fight for you will know by that verdict that cost me 25k to win. The NRA chipped in 5k because they saw that it was a very important position to win. The balance came out of my pocket. I really didnt have a choice because it was jail or win. But looking back I’m glad I pushed through it.

            Oh almost forgot. I have two best sellers to my name that I now say are wrong because of the work I have uncovered. WHO DO YOU KNOW THAT DOES THAT? No one but me.

          • RattlerRider

            Ed I know.. Privately created charters have been and still are being used as a mechanism for private world conquest by the few over the many.. Charter – An issued document that brings into fictional existence a corporation. He who ‘grants, founds, creates or establishes‘ the charter remains the owner of that which is created or established by it, together with his assigns. My point is that the various companies you’re working on exposing are under contractual agreement with the U.S. governments bi-laws concerning corporate law.. Which ties into the World Bank and the IMF.. Owned by the families that have authority over these families you’re messing with.. It is everything you’re saying it is and a whole lot more.. Most of the people out there in that zombie land are never going to comprehend either one of us.. I appreciate you coming in here and standing up for yourself.. Nobody in this country has any courage anymore..

            I’ve seen all of your videos.. I understand A Chartered Reality from the low level corporate contract status to the top at the international level and their corporate pecking orders.. In setting up nation/states and managing every aspect of it.. For profit.. The entire economic model is their intellectual property.. I myself set up a chartered business using their intellectual property process and their tools to manage it for years.. The contracts below these specific contracts you’re exposing in the business world they own, and the contracts above these also.. I know I get that.

            I’m working at expertise in international legalese used in establishing nation/states entangled with the law of nations.. And since you like mentioning families i mention that this involves the Family of Nations.. The contractual agreements they make behind the scenes while keeping the masses distracted with their court jesters.. Now come on, you’re apparently an expert in your field, biometrics sciences, and you apparently have voice identification experience..

            I cannot just crossover and comprehend your twenty some odd years of experience in that science… And you’re getting impatient because people doubt your words you use in your explanations.. You can be 100% straight up honest and spot on but it is still complicated for the lay person.. I do get it.. And in your favor i have friends who worked in special effects for years who say to me yes its going on and never ever watch the TV…

            And they don’t want to come out in the open.. One just said the court jester club is scary.. He’s scared of those people.. I’m sticking with my opinion that they want us to see this crap.. In order to depopulate us they need us all mad.. mad enough to fight them..

          • By doing what I do. Bringing attention to the families who are behind the largest events in our history books. I make it so much more difficult for them to continue to use the same actors. This causes them to go fucking ape shit crazy. As you can see them freaking out because they saw that I was at their rally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNQ9ZkNvSps&t=25s

            The Desilu production company which is owned by CBS is the family behind them all here is the facts you need to know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lazmRcLWdzU

            Remember Im the one that leaked the ExPlan and the fact that DHS was playing both sides of the fence here watch this

            Im the one that exposed the Greenbergs, Harmons, Kaplans, Wohl, etc etc families who are directly related to the Rockefeller bullshit.
            Here is your link http://www.wellaware1.com/snowden/
            Snowden is really David Hoffman. He went to Plano North High School and graduated a few years ago. His aunt (his mothers sister) is married to David Rockefeller Jr. His mother plays the role Randy Quaid’s wife, and Randy is really a Hoffman. You can see all their family photos from Dennis Quaid (aka Todd Harmon) daughters bat mitzvah (Riley Harmon) they had it here in dallas in 2007 at the Three Three Three club. The people that were in attendance were Ross Perot, Warren Buffett, gloria allred, and many many more. IM THE ONE THAT EXPOSED IT. So if anyone questions what I do and who I go after all you need to do is understand what I have made happen because of my work. Why do you think a KING would send his daughter to attack me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5tUSe6Q6jA

      • Funny,. They called me for a meeting. So I would say you don’t know shit about shit. Who are you again? How many best selling books do you have? How many millions of hits does your site get per week? How many subscribers do you have? Do you shut down the servers when you are a guest on a radio show? See those are things you need to contemplate before you let your ego get a head of you and you say something else that make you look foolish.

        Good day sir.

        • RattlerRider

          All the best Ed.. You will need it if you’re going to make someone else’s private corporate intellectual property stop operating their business how they want to and start operating it how you want.. The key issue should be why is the local states and federal governmental agencies standing by and allowing the fake news with impostors to happen.. Because they want it..Because it is a brilliant distraction.. And as far as your mainstream books go found in the mainstream book store down on main street, just the fact that they made it into those stores is evidence against them being factual, and you yourself have disclaimed the “evidence” in them.. If WellAware1 is getting millions of hits per week why aren’t ten% of those rascals giving you ten bucks? Then you wouldn’t need to bum funds off the NRA.. Radio shows are a dime a dozen.. Since newspapers filled with crap, TV spreading crap, and radio spreading crap by actors who pretend to be politicians who spread crap hit this place since Colonial Charters and bogus COTUSES crap all amounts to nothing but crap which has turned this country into a pile of crap you might want to contemplate your own foolishness along with your crap reading comprehension and your own crap ego issues.. Now have a nice life Eddy talking to yourself because your damn good at it.. talking to yourself telling yourself only you little Eddy has this charade figured out.. Next time you collude with the Court Clowns tell em I said “Hanging out with the boys who were girls and girls who were boys doing some anal probing again aye?”

          • BECAUSE ITS NOIT AGAINS THE FUCKLING LAW TO ACT. holy shit wake the fuck up. What are the police going to be the acting police? Did you even read what I said or listen to what I published on the FIRST FUCKING AMENDMENT?

          • RattlerRider

            Duh.. They’ve been doing and saying whatever they want for 226 years now.. Must be nice to make up a nifty little political charter and use it to bullshit everyone with legal terms double speak.. Because they’re acting no shit Eddy ACTING above any laws.. Thats their freedom, making you miserable while they all have a nice laugh..

            After reading, What is Intellectual Property?, in the “About IP” (Intellectual Property) menu selection from the World Intellectual Property Organization (wipo) website, we go on to discover that the country of the United States is copy written personally owned private fictitious intellectual property, by simply ‘seeing’ its constitution appear in the wipo database. Hmmmm…. And fake news with impostors acting as everything from so sad victims to phony actors portraying infamous political hacks is the best you can do aye?? Shucks Eddy I’m kinda bored with you now…

            World Intellectual Property Organization
            What is Intellectual Property?
            Within the wipo search box, type –
            United States Constitution

            The United States Conjobstitution…

            Hurry now Eddy.. Go change their law..

          • RattlerRider


          • RattlerRider

            The courts decided in a little talked about case that the constitution is private compact and individual citizens had no rights to it. That comment is found on page 6 and 45.

            Padelford, Fay & Co vs. The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah

            Primary Holding
            The Bill of Rights applies only to the federal government rather than state or local governments, since there is no textual evidence to support a different view.

            Barron v. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore
            32 U.S. 243 (1833)

  • RattlerRider

    I live just outside Sun Valley Idaho where I’ve worked for over thirty years.. When these actors have their big bashes nobody gets any wheres near them.. If we run into them in the store or out and about or hiking they won’t communicate at all.. The only one I’ve ever seen act somewhat normal around normal people is Scott Glenn.. To know where the get togethers are would require and insider. Any work performed on their Trophy Homes requires contracts involving privacy protection..

  • RattlerRider
  • RattlerRider

    A Short Synopsis

    Rather than go into a very long dissertation, I decided to keep it short so all will read it completely. We researchers get into the real meat and to tell all, we have to shorten our articles quite a bit. They are not really long but leave a lot of meat out, so to speak. This will be very short indeed.

    After reading anything by The Informer or James Montgomery, except D. Tom being short on all his writings, this summary is what can be culminated from their works. Read the 25 answers by James Montgomery and if educated enough and your core beliefs are in question, then you will see when the fraud started. If your core beliefs, instilled by years of indoctrination by the educational system designed to further the Fraud, and by patriots taken in by the fraud but with good intentions, but their foundations are wrong, you will not see it. The Lord Almighty didn’t mince words when He said that, all those that have eyes will not see.

    The entire Governments of the States and that of the United States was completely set up under FRAUD. Make no mistake about what I am saying. You will not like the truth, but you are living it every day. All your life you have lived under this fraud. All the laws made are a Fraud. All Departments of so called Government operate under this Fraud. Congress and the State Legislators are operating this fraud to the hilt everyday. There is nothing you do that is not steeped in fraud. In fact you yourselves keep the Fraud on going, to the delight of the governments, when you blindly revere their constitutions, which I call the Biggest Con Job of all time. You believe there is a Republic when there is none.
    Some believe we have a democracy when we have none.

    You use their Courts when the Lord Almighty admonished His followers (Christians) not to use them. You call yourselves Citizens of these RICO Organizations and yet you want to be free, but under the Fraud you can’t get free. You wonder why you lose in their courts, thinking they are Your courts. You use their fraudulent laws and their con jobs that in reality do not apply to you at all. Everything is based on FRAUD, Period. Do I have a way out, you ask? Yes, but again you won’t like what I have to say, so I remain quiet, EXCEPT to say , Read Hamilton’s Federalist Paper #28.

    So there you have my short story, which is one paragraph longer than I started out with.

    The Informer

    • FIrst off its not Fraud its perfectly legal what they are doing. (unfortunately) second your reference to religion negates any aspect of what you are saying because it’s the families that I expose that are the descendants of those who established religion. (It’s not as old as they claim and it’s a royal scam to keep the peasants in check) Third, before you go wasting your energy spreading the bullshit they feed you to spread (and I’m not talking about the bullshit in the published medium that is all printed on Royal Printing presses and always has been, Im talking about the bullshit that’s the alternative narrative that you speak of. When you finally realize that this country is not fraudulent but in fact lawful but the individuals who established it were not who they claim to be then you will understand the royal takeover that is underway and has been set in place by King George who placed his son GEORGE washington in as the first president. You will see his best buddy was the marquis de Lafayette who played the role of Thomas Jefferson (gee go figure he became the ambassador to france after leaving office) I could go straight down the line and show you who each of the presidents were including Tricky Dick and Gov Connally who are really John Coolage and Calvin Coolage jr. THen you have people like Werner Von Braun who was James roosevelt the son of FDR. This is where the real fraud is and it’s made available to people who want to run fo roffice by the use of the Oath of Candidacy form . See my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9alpssBwuT0&t=303s Until that form is fixed and the loophole eliminated you will never accomplish anything because you can’t hold a fictional person accountable in a court of law.

      • RattlerRider

        The real “We The People” that is not you nor me who owns the political charter COTUS as they are the real “Posterity” legal bloodline of the real “We The People” know all about your court jesters and they obviously want that particular distraction.. I’d like it if their entire shit show was completely exposed and destroyed, fuck fixing it.. It belongs on a bone pile..

        “”We the People” pertains primarily to the signatories, a deal they all went in on together. The United States of America is a British plantation formerly referred to as the American Colonies. Their reason for doing this was to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves (meaning them, the signatories) and our Posterity. (meaning their Posterity, their offspring) Posterity, all the descendants of a person in a direct line to the remotest gen POSTHUMOUS CHILD 920 POTENTIAL eration. [Breckinridge v. Denny, 8 Bush (Ky.) 027] When they use capitalization it changes the meaning of a word. That capitonym, that Capital “P” in Posterity, it’s for emphasis alright. It’s a “direct line” to a proper noun, a direct descendant, because in the language procedure if I capitalize the first letter in the middle of a sentence like that, then I am not referring the general definition. I can’t be, which only leaves what remains, a Bloodline.”

        I know George Washington was a phony hero.. All of those wonderful legal deceptions he set in motion.. Your connection to King George being his daddy is just icing on the cake.. They even look alike..

        I’m not interested in fixing their lawful, lawful in the sense that it is entirely their intellectual property to do whatever they want to do with corporate business, from political corporate charters on down to all of the domestic corporate charters they manage.. Most people don’t even know what we’re talking about and i am not passing around any mainstream or alternative fake information. Their laws and actions speak clearly if we’re actually paying attention. Fraud in the sense that they are deceptive, and they have pulled people into various contractual agreements completely lacking full disclosure concerning what is surrendered to their corporation when the subjects sign on the dotted line.. All of these laws are listed in the W.I.P.O. World Intellectual Property Organizations data base.. As to who’s intellectual property those laws are including the phony common law.. If you’re winning anything its because they want it.. Same as the environmental groups keep winning against the so called common law and the COTUS with their bullshit advocating for the United Nations Environmental Policies being used to screw western states rural subjects out of their ranches and farms..And destroying the American hunting economic model via their toy the wolf..

  • RattlerRider