January 29, 2023

One Of The Badger People Teaches Scientismist A “New” Trick

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I’m glad one of the scientismists finally discovered a Badger doing what many of us already new it could and would do.. OMG!!! These noodle heads should go dig up a coyote den for a few more surprises.. How did I know?  An old miner friend of mine who once owned dead mans cabin in the Sawtooth Wilderness had himself a pet badger.. Badgers and wolverines happen to be one of my favorite critters.. And I’ve hand excavated a few coyote dens back in my youth when I was burning up with that feverish ambition..That and having read Tom Brown as a boy I had a special interest in badgers.. Oh, according to these geniuses nobody knows it until they do… here’s another secret, go hang around the badger den long enough and the badgers will crawl all over you.. They will accept you.. And they might be sad because you still have a pulse.. Who knows..

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