January 16, 2018

Space May Be The Final Frontier But It’s Made In A Hollyweird Basement

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  • TRemington

    Okay, I’ll bite. If space travel is impossible, as was demonstrated due to essentially the lack of oxygen or a combustible gas in Outer Space, then how do we actually know what the atmosphere on Mars, the Moon or anyplace else?

    • RattlerRider

      NASA is the source that space is a vacuum and that those atmospheres are what they NASA say they are.. So all this guy did is set up his demonstration off of that sources claims. I was thinking if space is real and those destinations are doable why couldn’t NASA have some type of oxygen generation system on their space phallics that feeds oxygen to the rest of the fuel component thus giving them the burn for thrust. Albeit apparently thrust wouldn’t cause movement in the vacuum because there isn’t anything to push against..

      I know I’d like to go to Mars for the rest of my life so I can learn to be a oxygen generation system repair man. Hopefully with a lot of spare parts..
      I kinda like breathing..