September 24, 2023

The U.S. Is A Privately Owned Corporation

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The etymology of the word Republic means corporation plain and simple. Look at republic and researching further you discover it is a commonwealth and then go to commonwealth and look at all the definitions of what makes it a commonwealth and you’ll come down to jural society. now what is the jural society and you go back and follow that word back to its origin and it says it’s a corporation.. So everybody that wants a corporation they’ve got it..The word federal does not mean government the word federal means contract period doesn’t mean a government it means contract look up the word federal in the 1828 dictionary and read what federal means and it say’s it does not have anything to do with government it says it’s a contract…Thats always been that magical republic based on a social compact that political  charter you guys idolize.. Because you guys don’t understand it.. That COTUS is a private political charter.