January 20, 2018

FAKE: Wildlife, Border Wall, Sensibility and Idealism All Rolled Into One

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On the one side, idiots believe a giant wall stretching the length of the U.S. and Mexico border will solve all the immigrant problems, including terrorism, and “make America great again.” On another side you got useless eaters claiming that maintaining space for animals to freely roam between the U.S. and Mexico is more important than the beliefs of wall-builders.

And then there’s this guy. One who thinks it’s very important to put up a wall – actually only a fragmented wall – and, very important to leave corridors for the animals that would be off limits to the illegal immigrants. This he calls a compromise.

Of course if the entire issue was really about border security, or illegal immigration/open borders, then we secure the border.

The author of the linked-to piece, offers hints as to what might actually be behind this effort to stop the building of the wall, but fails in his attempts to fix a fake problem by ignoring those whom he says might be behind the problem. That makes little sense. If there is an actual security problem at the U.S. and Mexico border that requires spending billions of dollars to construct a wall to keep them out (if any wall will actually do that – think tunnels, etc.), then certainly the wall goes up and the animals will somehow (sob, cry, wail, gnash) have to figure out how to survive.

If it’s only half important to waste money on a partial wall, then why spend the money and have any wall at all.

American’s, misled as they are, really have their heads screwed on cross threaded.

  • RattlerRider

    This world is by the Gematria numbers because it’s all ran by Kabbalah Zionist Masonic Mishna Satanists… It’s all distraction it’s all by the numbers it’s all the same stuff just different faces and names.. Rinse and repeat.. We live in Ground Hog Day..They’re mocking all of the fools who believe their fake news, fake murder trials, fake education, fake history, fake terrorist attacks both domestic and abroad, fake shootings..Fake suicides, fake sports, fake sciences, fake environmentalism, fake conservationism, fake men fake women… Fake politicians fake actors, fake martyrs, its a fake apocalypse…