January 20, 2018

Isle Royale’s Reversal of Global Warming

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If we listen to those who assume the high ground and are the only bearers of “Best Available Science” we are told that moose are struggling to survive in several places across the country and it’s all, directly or indirectly, being caused by global warming.

We learn that the wolf population on Isle Royale has, for all intent and purposes, killed itself off for various reasons. Because the wolves are gone, the moose population is “undergoing a population explosion.”

But don’t think for a moment it is exploding because there’s only two wolves left alive. No, no! It must be that somehow, the two remaining wolves have “magically,” as their magic has no bounds, reversed the effects of global warming and thus are growing more moose to kill and eat. According to the same “High-Grounders” because there are now more moose, the result of the wolves’ magic, more magic will take place in that wolves will rebound because there is more food. Seeing all those moose causes their reproductive organs to go bonkers. Let’s hope the wolves aren’t too busy moving rivers to save the birds. And even though disease and inbreeding killed the wolves, we know the moose have no diseases and there are no “weak and sickly” ones left because the moose magically took care of that.

Maybe it’s time that we look very closely at these magical moose such that Al Gore can spread them across the entire planet to spare us all from the devastation of global warming. Maybe they will even magically kill the sickly and weak among the people. Think of the money we could save.

  • RattlerRider

    Same thing around the western estates with wolf populations versus the western estates with no wolf populations.. Wolves present CC-33 is killing the moose.. No wolves present moose are in positive growth.. Hopefully CC-33 never makes it to Colorado..

  • Wyatt_Earp

    I missed this one …… It also amazes me how the moose in the Greater Yellowstone area are devastated because of global warming BUT 500 miles south of there …. moose are doing quite well. Its funny how global warming works.


    • RattlerRider

      The Wildlife “News” is a United Nations Eugenicalism Depopulation of anyone that doesn’t see the world their way Policies leftist bully pulpit of only mockery and trivial pursuits pushing scientism metaphors…Nothing but condemn man, scarcity, joblessness, economic death advocated for there. Just another little misguided group of misfits amongst countless misguided groups across this land that haven’t a damn clue about much of anything.. I doubt they even comprehend what their five senses tell them daily..