January 20, 2018

When Man Wasn’t Around Animals Survived

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*Editor’s Note* – A New Hampshire town wants to better manage wildlife on town property – just in excess of 2,500 acres. It is believed too many coyotes are reducing the deer population below numbers desired. As is often the case, animal lovers seem to think managing is more cruel than the savagery of letting “Nature” do it alone. Ignorance driven by emotion.

“Why fool with Mother Nature?” asked Elliot, adding that he’s read that trapping is considered inhumane. “What happened years ago when we weren’t around? They (the animals) all survived.”<<<Read More>>>

  • RattlerRider

    It is said that, there can be no justice in a stolen land…land hijacked via fraudulent legalese claims.. To be managed in reverse of the owners commands.. I suppose that stands to reason as far as the commands he made are concerned. Violation of his law is after all, just the law of cause and effect. He warned them..They cannot claim they had no notice as he gave them fair notice..