December 7, 2022

I’m The Canary In The Poison Mine

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I say this in the title because I often think it.. For example, for years most foods in grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants make me ill.. As in a horrible headache. I only use items out of the produce section.. Mostly organic. I can eat some conventional produce, some of that I cannot.. Like conventional potatoes.. No candy, no sugar, no soda no beer.. No meats.. The reason is most of that food is highly acidic.. Higher in omega 6 than omega 3.. I absolutely will not eat store bought meat. Not happening. It causes a migraine. The only fluid that passes down my neck is non fluoridated water, and organic scalding hot coffee so thick a horseshoe will float in it.. Now I was only vaccinated a couple doses when I came screaming into this world..

And I never was soaked in fluoride.. Or pills and shots and other nonsense. that must be whats wrong with me. Why I’m abnormal.. Now I could go on and on about my particular diet and why I eat things that I eat and avoid many things that are obviously highly toxic food or fake food. I won’t.. I want to talk about something else.. Now some of us are aware there is a program of depopulation in play.. So it stands to reason they are going to, have been messing about with what the target populace puts in their mouths and swallows.. It stands to reason that there are also huge profits in having plenty of sick people to practice medicine on.

And then we get into medicines masking rather than solving health issues.. Now then, if they are doing that to people, and they are, why not all domestic animals.. Same strategy, lots of sickly animals need lots of medicine.. So I think the food fed to our pets, or non pets would be a crafty way to introduce diseases into the domestic animals.. Now I’ve been experiencing founder in some horses recently.. We have all of these drugs and nutritional supplements we’re using to combat the disease..

Nothing is working. So I did some dot connecting.. Funny thing is the same corporations that own the medicinal aspect of domestic animal care own the supplements, and the scientific feeding regimens I’m using trying to solve this problem.. And they all keep telling me they cannot determine the cause of laminitis which is rotating the coffin bone inside these horses hooves.. But buy all of this stuff and keep feeding it to them. and they keep having episodes. And interestingly enough I was feeding them nutritional supplements before this all started.. So the end result is I’m destroying two horses and one mule..  I smell a rat.. because if they’d do this to people they’d do this to dogs cats horses cattle and sheep too… I doubt my horses needed those nutritional supplements to begin with..