December 15, 2017

Totalitarian Control of All Land Disguised As Land Conservation

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*Editor’s Note* – If I understand the information presented in the below linked-to article these people don’t want any big corporations to own, use or develop any land in Maine. These people don’t want any small, private development of land…or even the allotment of private housing scattered throughout the state. In short, they don’t want anybody to take advantage of any land or natural resources except them. It’s been that way for quite a while now and getting much worse. They keep forcing the hands of landowners and it appears the only way they can get what they want is to hand it all over to the State and Federal Governments, who can and will take what they believe is theirs to begin with.

And so where does that leave you and me?

“At some point, many Mainers have had the unsettling experience of discovering that a parcel of land on which they liked to hike, fish, hunt, or ski has been posted or developed. The Bangor Daily News once summarized the problem thusly: “Because land prices are being bid up by developers and by big outside money, Maine people are being pushed out of the market . . . [and] squeezed off the land that they or their neighbors once owned and to which they had traditional access.””<<<Read More>>>

  • RattlerRider

    It’s kind of ironic watching leftists complaining about alleged Russian influence in their election process yet on the other hand they support Soviet Sustainable Development Environmental Polices implementation via the United Nations..

    All that is necessary for the draconian tyrannical triumph of The United Nations Eugenics Policies to succeed is for people to never comprehend it has been implemented against them thus they do nothing against it… Some of them thinking it is something other than what it is actually advocate for it.. They are known as fools…

    It’s interesting observing the stratagem of U.N.E.P. picking up speed..

    There is always a certain percentage of a given population that has too much natural insight, too much of an alert imagination. Is too insightful and adept at pattern recognition – in a word too ‘intuitive’ to be caught in such a web of complete deception.. To few of a percentage.. Unfortunately..

    Yet then, who am I to attempt to interfere in their obvious judgement or to even be so arrogant as to assume I am not deserving of this judgement myself… Perhaps inherited generational judgement at that… Suffering this because of the sins of our forefathers.. Since they did constitute a rebellion against the Almighty.. When they set up land ownership fraud. Punishment passed down four generations…And if the sins are repetitious…. Ouch…