November 24, 2017

Because We Love Our Servitude

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  • RattlerRider

    Then based upon whims those holding political sway over those lowly citizens design methods of depopulating what they’ve decided are over populated citizens.. They’ve done it several different ways down through the centuries.. Including various nation/states declaring wars upon one another then pitting their military’s against one another which is nothing less than a strategic means of depopulation for all sovereigns leading their citizens astray.. The graveyards and wounded are then idolized as great hero’s for liberty..

  • RattlerRider

    I was just reflecting on some research this morning and I was thinking
    why is it those who allegedly appreciate freedom, freewill, and liberty
    don’t really prove it..They talk but don’t do much else.. Can you imagine if we had several of the Anti federalists here amongst us right now? The guys that allegedly placed the Bill of Rights and its own preamble up against that Cotus.. Can you imagine how much researching those guys were doing? How many books, how many nation/state politically recorded examples they had read searched through in seeking out their positions outside of citizenship for the preferable sovereignty of determining their own destinies? Were they here today they would be outcasts, they would be shunned, ignored, and any number of false claims would be brought against them.. By people saying we’re not interested in that stuff, we don’t care.. By claiming myself and this web site are wandering off into some non reality of non credibility.. Can you imagine what these people would say about Jefferson and Henry were those guys here commenting on this current state of insanity? The Law of Nations guidelines on how to be a sovereign as shown by those federalists is self explanatory, also the rights and duties of the citizens subjugated by the rulings of those sovereigns is also self explanatory.The position of a citizen is clearly explained. Those of us who point it out are slandered.. The citizen has no real choice and the law books vouch for that fact.. yet the citizens continue to read nothing, learn nothing and wail about their plight.. To sovereigns with deaf ears.. None of those wailing about this inequality can stand upon any factual basis for their beliefs.. They can neither prove myself wrong nor can they prove their beliefs to be solid.. Freedom, freewill expression, liberty is something someone else owes them on a silver platter for nothing.. Cold beer included..

  • RattlerRider

    I noticed something interesting the other day.. I had placed a few comments correcting some patriot mythical beliefs in the natural man youtube video.. Shortly thereafter those were removed.. A few months later they were replaced.. They must have checked the information out.. lol..