November 24, 2017

Truth Keeps Coming Forth Despite Gatekeepers Misleading Misdirection of Evidence

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Skin deep surface material misleading and misdirection failing at all levels in all issues..

  • TRemington

    The video addresses the reason for all of this at the end. It needs to be emphasized that the purpose of all of this was to “discredit” the Creation of Yehwah and Yehwah himself.

    I was speaking to someone last evening about some of this information, mostly that we have been convinced about the earth being a globe and that the earth rotates, while spinning, around the sun.

    The person’s comment to me was, what does it really matter whether the earth is flat or round. It doesn’t matter if you have no interest in truth. The Truth to be learned, as always, is that if the efforts of the Jesuits, who are not at the top of the food chain of evil, are powerful enough to have convinced the overwhelming majority of the world that what’s in Bible is wrong, then wouldn’t it stand to reason to believe that much, if not all, of what we have been dictated to by “religion” and “churches” by “preachers” etc. is nothing but a giant lie, a massive deception aimed at discrediting Yehwah and leading all of Yehwah’s creation into the pits of hell?

    • RattlerRider

      Probably for the man who loves The law of the Creator Yahweh and loves everything else secondary to that faithfulness including his brothers as himself anything else around him doesn’t make any difference although having a competent understanding of Biblical fact versus the fictions of this world certainly proves trust love and faith in Yahweh and his unfolding plan..

      So who would that man be to question how Yahweh reveals himself and his handiwork to other men out of touch with that love and truth in using this truth to gather in those still owning the capacity to think and to be interested in whats really going on?

      Here’s the ultimate reason for exposing the foundation of scientism itself..

      “After being an atheist for 48 years I am happy to say it was because of finding FLAT EARTH that I just purchased my first ever bible. I do believe earth was created by God and I am looking forward to reading this magnificent book.”—Dennis Stolzman

      Over the last couple of years I’ve seen several such admissions..

      Some people are interested in real hope.. Some people want to know the truth..

      Maybe the WLNs clique and the SWW clique will think hell isn’t a bad place to be…

      • TRemington

        So who would that man be…..?

        I’m reminded of Job. Most know the story of Job of how he was tried and tested. Not so many know of how Yehwah, basically chewed his butt out by asking him essentially the same thing, i.e. who are you to question my motives? And then spent a great deal of time reminding him of the amazing greatness and the miracle of all creation.

        • RattlerRider

          Any man..

  • RattlerRider

    I know a few people who have no Biblical knowledge who live according to the Law of the Bible better than most people that know the Bible.. It’s kind of a fascinating observation because its like some natural inherent instinct they live by.. Compliance to the Commandments not realizing they’re doing it.. Yet science is truth.. So the heart is correct and when its time they will know the rest of the story and head into the flock of our Shepherd.. I’m seeing this with my two eyes concerning people I know quite well.. In all of the years I’ve associated with them they’ve never once crossed me in anyway.. Always had my back.. And I theirs.. Loving the Law.. Their brothers.. To love the FATHER is to love his LAW..