November 27, 2022

How Do You Take A Country Forward or Backward?

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Warning.. This is pure stupidity. Mockery usually is.. Its not going to make any sense and it is not supposed to make sense.. But then you lefty righty folks ought to be used to that..

To take the country forwards or backwards is an interesting concept.. Or how to take a corporate business forward or backward.. Changing directions.. How about how to take a corporation left then turn it back to the right.. Which one is backwards? Left in reverse right in forward? Isn’t that zigg zagging?  Maybe the U.S. congress assembled should do figure eights? I kinda like figure eights.. How the hell does any citizen subject nobody know what direction a privately owned corporation is really going? It’s going in circles if you ask me, chasing its own tail snapping at its own arse.. Like a stupid dog.. How the hell does anyone that is not in the administration nor the congress assembled that reads various biased articles depending on what ones political persuasion of choice is possibly understanding how the corporate government managed by others meets its own ends as to what the corporation government needs when they decide to go backwards left forwards right and no telling where else, maybe they want to take it up a ways then back down a ways too.. Who knows.. Maybe its going side by side.. maybe its not going anywhere.. If Trumpence is going backwards according to some how do they really know Obama wasn’t going backwards also?  What if all of the history of this establishment has been backwards all along.. What if forwards and backwards within this establishments methodology is the same direction? Oops..If forwards is better than backwards or backwards is better than forwards how the hell do we know if  nobody knows what forward or backwards actually is and especially if we’ve never been to either the forwards or backwards  places yet? However they do what they do in whatever direction they do it in since none of us have ever been there before how do we know if getting there backwards or forwards makes any difference once we’re there? If it is a horrible place they take us to should we go forward out of there or backwards out of there.. Could I just get out here because all of this backwards and forwards with the sideways lefts and rights is making me dizzy.. On your way to forwards country passing through backwards country stop in any directions country and send me a post card.. If the people are speaking out their backsides in any of those places my advise is leave asap..

“How Trump is rolling back Obama’s legacy: During President Trump’s first year in office, Congress and his administration plan to review, revoke and overwrite key parts of his predecessor’s domestic legacy. As of May 12, here are the Obama-era rules and regulations impacted by:”

The linked article lists the backwards or forewords Obama era rules depending on the eyes and intellect of the beholder’s thoughts on those rules – which are executive actions, legislation, and other methods used to take the country either forwards or backwards. LMAO..


Maybe tonight when its dark if I can get a hitch installed on the country so I can tow it off I’ll hide the country someplace..