September 30, 2022

The Inquisition Is Still On – It Merely Became More Clever

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Today the Inquisition is hidden in clever language.. And has become a self inflicted inquisition because of the clever language. Help is not help.. Healing is not healing. Environmental restoration is not environmental restoration. When eugenicists posing as great scientists advise us on proper diet, my advise is run fast and far from them.. They’re liars.

Here is an example of total historical garbage as told by the Historians of the very people that took Turtle Island away from these Indigenous people by conquest appropriation internment on reservations and genocide.. Believe their lies at your own peril.. This is simply one of the thousands of methods being used in the era of the New Age Inquisition.. By the descendants of the same conquerors that started this mess on Turtle Island.. South America then  North America.. Reductions..