December 6, 2022

It’s Official Because Ida Lupine Says So

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“while the endless boards and agencies{ANY WESTERN STATES WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT WHERE WOLVES ARE HARASSING RURAL RESIDENTS} may have great credentials, many of those they cater to{WHERE WOLVES ARE HARASSING RANCHERS-HUNTERS-FARMERS} are lowlifes, who won’t even cooperate with F&W{FALSE FACTS BASED} recommendations”


Suppose the scientists behind these recommendations based on those alleged “facts” were corrupt, politically biased, paid to rig these conclusions; and thus directed false science, thus establishing false “Facts”, and overawed the followers of their false facts who are also politically biased; or omitted factual scientific data which would alter the false facts against their final conclusions, or observations by rural ranching hunting public lands multiple users such as myself or others that counter their false facts (as in Effect is the case); That would be enough to render the false facts scientific Verdict by those anti ranching grazing hunting who are evidently totally morally corrupt…. Liars and cheats.. Oops, only lowlifes would point towards omitted factual data contrary to what the Ida’s of this society want to be true even if it is not..

It’s the same old con game over lands and resources wealth just using different words and terms.. Obviously This idiot calling others lowlifes is fooled by the false facts.. In FACT we’ve all been fooled by it.. It is a FACT that I have known false facts and false men, too. It is not a new thing.. It has been going on all down through the ages of our recorded history.. So discerning when scientists or lawyers or judges or politicians assert facts, when false facts are intended is very important when one chooses to go down a path attacking others livelihoods and culture.. If one had a conscience that is.. I’ve discovered the pantheists have no conscience at all..

This Ida from an eastern state has no clue of what she opines about daily.. If she knows more about the western estates several thousand miles from her immediate environment than those of us inhabiting these western estates I suppose we could the assume she is an authority on what is correctly or incorrectly happening or not correctly or incorrectly  happening all over the rest of the earth because she’s omniscient.. She likely knows I haven’t mowed my lawn for a week now..

Signed another Idaho Lowlife that appreciates wolf management because I’ve observed what fully protected populations of wolves did and do.. And what those over protected wolves did was unacceptable and morally disgusting.

Those lowlifes claims coming from her being quite lacking of factual information herself is hilarious when we’ve seen the filth and misinformation coming out of her pie hole for years now.. Along with hiding out in echo chambers where she never has to face contrary factual evidence that proves she is incorrect.. About environmental scientism couched in legal terms and double speak.. The Ida’s of this society have at best a tiny bit of truth buried in hate and misinformation of which she has not the capacity to validate nor prove the difference between pseudo science and real science. Trying to conceptualize definitions of a general nature to assist discovery of the facts as they are and not as she wishes those alleged facts to be are beyond her intellectual capacity..

Thinking they see the light with their eyes wide shut..While calling decent hard working people lowlifes..

No doubt even people on the other side of this issue would like it if Ida shut the hell up…

Guess what Ida? You’re a bitch. And A stupid one at that.