February 4, 2023

“RMEF is the most deceptive organization in the U.S.”

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REALPOLITIK, that is rule by caveat, not truth nor law. Certainty is a dead mistress.

Rewilding defined is a “a plan for removal of existing infrastructure”= Depopulation of people.. What people? You me us…The idiotic author of the quote used in the title here..{ All groups are pushing endless disinformation-The group responsible for this quote are just as bad as any of them};

The agreements for Agenda 21’s ‘sustainable development’ depopulation of America and the Earth, have not only been entered into through the political charters (constitutions) that establish countries, as with the case of the Republic of The U.S. (commonly abbreviated to United States), but where depopulation is not facilitated directly through their Federal and state constitutions, then depopulation is achieved through international or transnational agreements including non binding agreements while implementing said agreements (classified as treaties, conventions etc.,) having a higher order of precedence to constitutions and therefore taking priority over constitutions as all international law legally does as is stated being the Supreme Law of The land…

It is stated that Agenda 21 is a non binding agreement.. Meanwhile it is being implemented all over the USA and Canada.. And else where.. World wide..

It must be understood, that the heads of various Nation/States may determine that they will enter into agreement with the head of another or in the case of Agenda 21 other Nation/States as all of the United Nations Nation State Members, and where such agreements are struck, the parties to them are obligated to prioritize their Nation/States activities to ensure that the obligations to the agreements they entered into are fulfilled. Thus non binding agreement in the case of Agenda 21 is irrelevant. Sustainable Depopulation for the Development of Population Objectives goals set for people is being implemented worldwide..

“This is in line with the everyday occurrence of any adult having to adjust their priorities in their life to ensure that agreements they enter into with other parties are kept. Of course this will mean they set aside the rules under which they normally operate their households for their own convenience, to prioritize the fulfillment of obligations they willingly decided to make as adults with other parties. In similar manner, the heads of countries as country-households (government), set aside the rules (constitutions) under which they normally operate their country-households, to prioritize the fulfillment of obligations they willingly decided to enter into with other country-households or institutions. That is why treaties, conventions, agreements etc., take priority over constitutions, all of which are categorized as contracts, for the mere fact that they are all formal binding ‘agreements’ – meaning contracts.”—ThereIsNoDebt

Fabricating Consent For The Future You’ll Be Given Whether You Like It Or Not..Engineering consent.. Silent Acquiescence because of failure to comprehend their intentions gives to the minds of the deceivers consent.. If we look closely nobody appears to like it but they keep asking for it.. Apparently they fail to understand that Get Out Of Her That You Not Suffer Her Plagues means don’t look back.. Quit looking back at the dead delivering death.. All governments managed by the U.N. are demonically influenced. Thus we know what possessed men and women talk and appear like.. And those demonically influenced via possession people have a demonically possessed leader.. Sitting in his Palace leading this demonic chaos..So fabricating a future of demise.. many appear to like it right now.. But in the end nobody will like it.

So, is the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation the most deceptive organization in the U.S.? Not hardly.. Not even close.

Agenda 2100 is a set of guidelines for environmental action and social justice established by the United Nations in 1992 at a conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Had you read it you’d know you’re advocating for it.. Agenda 2100 sets out a variety of goals for public policy at all levels and for civic action by non-governmental organizations. These include fair trade practices, sustainable energy and urban development (i.e. more efficient zoning), and debt reduction for the developing world. Redistribution of wealth. Policy levels such as passing codes in order that governmental agencies have more control over what private land owners do on their land than the actual tenant owner.. The document claims many of ours including your activities are unsustainable. Although the U.S. government and no state or local government is legally bound by the United Nations Agenda 2100 treaty they are implementing it’s recommendations in all business, economic social what have you.. It is laced all through the new building codes.. Land management codes. Climate Change codes. Population objectives for people, just like wildlife or cattle. Talk about elite think arrogance..

If it doesn’t workout because it is a non binding agreement the agencies experimenting with it cannot be held legally responsible later..Agenda 2100 means the 21st century.. This philosophy has a conclusion set date of full implementation by 2100.. 83 years to go..To no hunting, no grazing, no privately owned property, to the man made Genesis Utopia you anti ranching hunting farming anti multiple use public lands advocates are advocating for.. In fact public lands will closed to the citizens by then.. It is all right there in those documents people never read, and probably could not comprehend if they actually tried.. Source material, 1992 Earth Summit Agenda 21 The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio.. With it’s Statement of Forest Principles so called environmental groups advocate for.. And the United Nations Environmental Policies Global Biodiversity {Perversity} Assessment 1140 pages.. Is it all good intentions? Nope.. Is anything financed by bankers and written by lawyers always a good a thing? Hardly… Is advocating for something you’ve never read and do not fully comprehend dumb? Absolutely… Maybe in 83 years those left alive will have the Nuremberg Trials Part two…

Consistently appealing to the very same personally owned private ‘constitutional devices’ that have brought the people of the world, sleep-walking into the madness of mass world Fascism and genocidal depopulation and irreversible contractual enslavement of the remnant surviving zombies to be left alive is absolute foolishness..