December 18, 2017

So You Think You Know These Men

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They are all insane!

  • RattlerRider

    Not really. They signed up to work for someone doing what they do.. Manage that someones corporation how that someone wants.. And they’ve been doing just that.. The people calling these guys traitors have betrayed themselves. The reality is in plain sight, hand waving it off with various excuses of denial is self betrayal and self defeating.. The only goal that will be achieved by the left versus right paradigm and all of their fake groups advocating to defeat various freedom killing bills used in Nation State management is to exhaust people and demoralize them, in having them expend their energy in a ‘hamsters wheel’ of an ineffective campaign that does not provide for an understanding of the simply explained subject of ‘territorial jurisdiction’ as the only means of ‘lawfully’ and legitimately arriving at exemption from government, state, or any other so-called authorities interference, in the ‘fight for intellectual freewill freedom’ only restrained by the law of the Bible of Love your Creator above all else meaning his language of law as in how we self determine our lives and loving our fellow man as ourselves as in dealing with them within those lawful constraints of His language of the Biblical law.. These guys will never stop serving who they serve and those who cannot let go of this fiction they have created are never going to stop whining about how they manage their bosses business.. Maybe we should call it death by a thousand cuts of denial..

    Funny thing is Corporate Corruption Theorists…Calling Conspiracy Theorists Crazy…