September 22, 2023

A Declaration Of Loving Ones Servitude In Slavery

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We can keep twisting that Declaration all around to fit any belief we want to for our own purposes or for the illusion of hope that Declaration allegedly represented.. It means what the authors of it intended it to mean and has only been applied to that legal effect since day one.. People have complained about its inequality since day one.. It’s the same old bullshit excuse, “why didn’t they do it for me to..?” If you want what that Declaration actually offers you have to get off your lazy ass and Declare it and Act it and stop sitting around waiting for somebody else to Declare it and Act it out for you.. Or for all.. All for one and one for all is BULLSHIT.. They did it for themselves.. If you want that you have to mirror what they did.. FOR YOURSELF.. And it is also a Declaration Of Independence from the Biblical Covenant.. A Separation from the Biblical Law.. The only LAW where men are truly equal under the LAW.. Which is not found in any of man’s made up traditions of lawful inequality for man or men out of those men’s own imaginations as this Declaration clearly is.. It is no different than sitting on ones arse and complaining about some private business down the street because the creator of that business did not include YOU in his declaration of whatever his private business is.. Rather than getting off your arse and doing your own business.. If you want to live off handouts you have no excuses about the rules of being in the line shelling out the handouts.. We should call it subsidized welfare rights with restrictions, freedom under their restrictions is what they say it is.. How many times do we need to spell out slavery before the cry babies whimpering about everything finally get it… Enjoy your slave parties today.. I will not be attending..The Kings inequality legalese filth and degradation of Biblical Freewill which is the original concept of all men are equal under the law ignored by these tyrants under their vast illusions of liberty paradigm trading in Heavenly Fathers Freewill equality for all men unlawfully stinks to high heaven.. it is without doubt a plague..