January 20, 2018

Maine Lynx Trapping Case Ends with Anti-Hunters Conceding Defeat

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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit officially dismissed an appeal brought by animal-rights organizations concerning the trapping of Canada lynx in Maine, likely ending a multi-year, multi-lawsuit court battle concerning the protections offered the predator in the state.<<<Read More>>>

  • RattlerRider

    I recently observed a few sign the petitions to save bears mustangs or wolves and those ads reminded me of save the starving children in third world country adds which are often propaganda leading to donate here now buttons while nothing ever alters the problems.. Worse most of those pics are nothing but art being used to scare monger.. When will the UNEPTITARD CLONE environmentalist animals rights groupies figure out they are being had? They will never get the environment they believe is the “perfect” Earth utopia with equal rights for animals their dream wilderness, only the perpetual process that supposedly leads to That rewilded landscape… It is a giant hoax.. It is not real environmentalism those authors of that ideology seek..

  • RattlerRider

    Another recent observation.. Save those poor mustangs is all the rage… Meanwhile those same save the mustangs gurus promote the down sizing of the economic model promoted via the United Nations “Environmental” Policies that is destroying the economy thus truck loads of domestic horses go to Mexico to be slaughtered.. People sell their horses, or turn them loose.. So the fact is more horses are being killed than ever.. And of course those protected mustangs are hurting the graze by competing with cattle..