December 17, 2017

Bishop Statement on Gray Wolf Court Ruling

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WASHINGTON, D.C., August 2, 2017 –

Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT) issued the following statement on the Federal appeals court ruling concerning protections for gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

“When science-based recovery criteria are met and environmental litigants can still drag the federal government through a decade of costly litigation before the delisting is final, we have a problem. Republicans and Democrats from impacted states have worked hard to resolve this conflict and ensure wolf populations are healthy and thriving but all they’ve received in return is prolonged economic harm and regulatory uncertainty. When ESA decisions are taken out of the hands of expert biologists and given to judges and radical ideologues, this is what happens.

“Congress must take action to protect communities from this broken law. Until we do, Americans’ tax dollars will continue padding the pockets of wealthy environmental trial lawyers, rather than investing in actual species recovery.”

  • Wyatt_Earp

    Those states / congressional districts that are effected by wolves have legislators that would never vote against restricting the social welfare wolf pimping litigators.

    The way we need to fight this fight is to go after the other sides legislators who’s base is only a small percentage of their constituents as compared to those states and areas affected by wolves. There are politicians like Peter DeFazio that are outright in the pocket of the radical Eco groups and toxic to the reform of the ESA. Is there an organization that will put their money AGAINST guy like him for his policies…verses … giving to other politicians that we know would not vote in the wrong direction for fear of retribution in the ballot box? I’m thinking that the way to fight this may be to go after the really bad ones and make their lives miserable because of their allegiance to the radical groups. They typically have a constituency that really don’t give a hoot.

    Another example, The vote in Michigan regarding wolves last year is telling. Those most affected by wolves voted 2 of 3 (people in the Upper peninsula) FOR the hunt. The vote in the MAJORITY of the counties in the state voted FOR the hunt. HSUS spent $1.8 MILLION dollars creating controversy for the wolf and convincing those not affect (Detroit and Lancing market), YET barely won the vote at only 47%. HSUS used PAID signature collectors to get the 200,000 signatures for their pointless tax dollars sucking referendums…. Sportsman, pet owners, and taxpayers collected 300,000 with a grass roots effort to collect their signatures to have their elected officials pass a law making the vote and referendums mute…… Wouldn’t it be prudent of the Upper Peninsula MI 300,000 grass roots membership to use their dollars of influence to fight those in other congressional districts that prop up these sorry groups?. Make it a liability for lame disgusting politicians like DeFazio to suck up to rich environmental lawyers.