September 21, 2017

What Could Possibly Be Wrong With Zero Idiotic Legislation As Of Late? Nothing!

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Allegedly next weeks Newsweek cover hitting “News” stands… Zero pieces of major legislation from the dictatorship of idiots can’t be all bad…Although I doubt we’ve seen the worst of their Idiotocracy yet..


There’s no business like bullshit.

That statement can be taken as a quip based on the well known song about show business, or one can consider that this is really true, that this is the way that the world really works. In Harry G Franfurt’s book, ON BULLSHIT, he shows how prevalent bullshit is, and shows that it is more than simply lying. What it is today is institutionalized as Public Relations, specifically that termed as “spin”, the “scientific” application of ‘psychology’ to persuasion. But what it boils down to is, the whole system is based on bullshit.

Amazing, a whole nation subjected to real and effective propaganda.. And it works…


“The theater of politics is very convincing for those who wish to remain naive and deluded” —ThereIsNoDebt