September 21, 2017

Dear WLNs Wolf Pimp Enviro Whackos

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It’s amazing how dumb those people are over at the Western Watersheds Wildlife News.. Because for years their private gatherings on and off line have been infiltrated by observers listening to the hatred espoused by that group when they think they can safely speak and smoke their dope and snort their coke openly among friends.. Essentially that group would gladly see certain people of this society lined up at a mass grave.. Those fools are so busted it would be hilarious if they all were not so sick in their heads and hearts.. SICK!

At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the mid 1700s, the world’s human population grew by about 57 percent to 700 million.
On the eve of the industrial revolution in 1750, people numbered around 750 million, and just after 1800, world population reached one billion. Less people more wolves.. Wolves were to troublesome so wolves were controlled.. Now more people and some desire more wolves which means more trouble for wolves to get into..

Just like everyone you wolf pimps enviro whackos are a result of the the ecological impact of the Industrial Revolution.. One of the benefits of that revolution is longer lifespan for more people rather than fewer people as prior to that revolution.. It’s interesting that most of you WLNs whiners are retired old farts sucking on the teat of industrial revolution retirement benefits that if your world view was in place would not exist.. No check in the mail for you old farts.. No pensions.. No careers because the industrial revolution never happened.. You lived in a wilderness and died young… The rewilding utopian fantasy dreamed up by elite eugenicists that you wolf pimp enviro whackos bought into hook line and stinker … You got yours and your time here is about over and you’re bitter because you have to leave and many here don’t have to leave yet.. It’s not fair you having to die while others get to finish out their times here.. All this amounts to is you wolf pimp enviro whackos are selfish and bitter because you used up and even wasted your time here..To bad we all can’t just die together right? It’s just not fair you are about out of here and this world will carry on without you fools around…

Hey now, goodby… Don’t let the coffin lid slam down on your fingers..