November 21, 2017

Class Structure In The Good Ole U.S.A.

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It isn’t just the money it is all of the natural resources wealth..

Elites’ United Nations Eugenics and Depopulation Agenda Policies include convincing people that living with wolves bears cougars coyotes and eating poisonous GMOs is safe…

U.S. government sourced figures show that the US population is expected to drop from 316+ million now to only 69 million by the year 2025… Hmmm… Where will you and your family line be?

Short and sweet for the attention deficit disorder syndrome crowds…


  • Wyatt_Earp

    No difference Rattler……hey, they have compassion in Iceland where they wipe all of those filthy down syndrome babies on demand off the Iceland ecosystems. What is the difference if we wipe of all those that with mental IQ difficulties seeing that wolves will eventually need management & pimp wolves.