January 20, 2018

“An Unreal Existence”? and One That Was Planned?

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Richard Fernandez tells us – and I suppose there are more that can’t see this than can – that we are living in an “information epidemic.” This epidemic he describes as a world of instant information made up of lies and obviously lacking in truth. The author makes this statement: “What seems to have changed is our mental furniture though we don’t quite understand how it happened.”

For most, it is not a matter of “don’t quite understand.” It’s really a matter of being clueless and that is why it works so well. I say works so well because, while most think our existence is happenstance, I have come to understand that it is a well planned out event that is working tremendously well and operating at breakneck speed. Everyone is caught up in it and it holds danger.

In the article linked to, the author gives readers a list of how he has chosen to describe the state of our existence.

“Technological warfare only seems to increase entropy rather than reduce it.”

“…  Brexit, Trump, Catalonia and the North Korean nuclear breakout far from being exceptions to the rule are harbingers of things to come.”

“Globalization has allowed drastic mutations that biologist Ernst Mayr notes often originates “in a relatively small and isolated population” to propagate very rapidly into a new normal.”

From the New York Times: “We’re in a disruptive period, and when we get through it, the progressive infrastructure landscape may look different.”

“Currently we are obsessed with 71 genders but a nuclear or biological disaster can flip decades of political correctness and deference to technology into their opposite.”

“Many are at a loss to explain entropy and anomie on a scale never seen before.”

“Today we have live in an environment where whole populations are immersed in an ocean of deliberate lies.”

“Instead of increasing privacy so data miners cannot engage in the targeted lying which makes “fake news” so effective we decrease it the better to help the manipulators.”

So, this, according to Fernandez, is our “Unreal Existence.” It is “unreal” when, not only do we not have a clue as to what has happened to us and why, we don’t even have the slightest suspicion.

We often consider ourselves as part of the “intelligentsia” when we whip out the quote that when we fail to learn history, we repeat it and yet our ignorance is revealed because we really know nothing about actual quotes, the context of them or the actual words spoken. I don’t want to get off the subject but needed to point this out because it is part of our failure to have learned anything that would have protected us from the planned assault on our existence.

Along with this fake intelligence, we have failed to understand that the “history” we are told we have failed to learn, and thus driven to a somewhat watered down version of the movie, Groundhog Day, is nothing more than the “ocean of deliberate lies,” Fernandez tells us we are immersed in. How then can we be expected to have or get a clue?

The brilliant, and evil, minds discovered a long time ago the power in mind control and manipulation. (Try reading this for a glimpse into how it all began.) I believe I was completely correct recently when I told someone that the cellphone was a purpose-built instrument for one purpose and one purpose only – the complete destruction of the mind of those who easily have become addicted to it. Don’t kid yourself. The majority of the Western Civilization is completely addicted and controlled by their cellphones. Once the addiction was complete, the rest has been very simple, as an open, clear, honest and concise mind can see.

All of the things I’ve highlighted above are accurate, if not complete, descriptions of our societal existence. It is unreal for most but shouldn’t be. And, is it too late?


A simple, and I mean simple, look into this new “ocean of deliberate lies,” and we can see that this was accurately predicted in 1970. Zbigniew Brzezinski “predicted” in his 1970 book, “Between Two Ages: America’s Role In the Technetronic Era.” I put predicted in quotes because one might have the need to ask how he could predict such an event. It is easy to predict when you are part of the powerful, global, “Ruling Establishment” who have come up with the technological instruments, social media, music, movies, books, news, education, religion, etc. that are systematically destroying us. We can’t see it because we are deeply a part of it.

A deeper, forensic examination into the movements and planning of these events, which most don’t understand and others can only describe, shows us actual truth. This requires effort and a willingness to accept the idea that maybe you have been led astray. These two qualities have also been deliberately bred out of our existence – that “Unreal Existence.”

I cannot help you. You can only help yourself and for many, it is too late.

We are mired in an “ocean of deliberate lies.” Those who “study to show thyself approved unto God” know who the author of lies and confusion is. That author is also the head of the “Powers and Principalities,” referred to in this article as the Global Ruling Establishment. And, is head of the Global Power Structure.

Those of us old enough to have a past that can show us things have changed, can be assured it will never return to anything that resembled our past. That is gone forever. I only wish I could help readers to understand that this “information epidemic” and “ocean of deliberate lies,” is a deliberate creation of man designed for our destruction.

If only you could get to that reality…..


  • RattlerRider

    Here’s an example of advocating for our destruction;

    Immer Treue Advocates For Depopulation Of People with the link and comment below that link…

    “more is not better”… Experiencing that less is not better out west… Hmmm… More wolves is not better either… Interestingly enough supposedly before all of this settlement there was a lot more of all species of wildlife on this continent.. More back then was better yet in these modern times more is not better.. So there can be only one goal for promoting more is not better because more sustains more people and the ideology behind this eugenics disguised as environmentalism is more people is not better… Less people is better.. So here is Treue promoting a cleverly worded campaign intended towards depopulation of people.. This is what the environmentalist clique is preaching.. Depopulation of people, even of themselves… Thus the attack against abundance claiming that scarcity is better…

    Greater Yellowstone’s Coming Plague (updated)
    “Game farms, artificial feeding… and I’ll throw in a little possible kicker: attempting to maintain that “sweet spot” in the sigmoid growth curve for the explicit purpose of surplus harvest. Perhaps more is not better. Perhaps in “nature’s wisdom” periods of boom and bust are better. We continually hear from some how man can manage wildlife better than, well, nature.”
    “Here in MN, the DNR is feverishly working to keep CWD out of the state. Wisconsin has all but capitulated to CWD.”
    “Also, as the MN deer population has increased after the winters of 12/13 and 13/14 (no, the wolves did not kill them all) the specter of brain worm and liver flukes infecting an already staggering moose population (another symptom of too many deer are more wolves, which will undoubtedly adversely affect the moose population), reinforces more is not better. The operative question becomes, is human husbandry of wildlife wise?”—Treue

    There is no way this individual is ever going to have their thinking fixed from this backwards philosophy he advocates for…

  • RattlerRider

    Newspeak; it is like saying, “kneeling down is standing up”
    Language, to properly frame concepts must have some internal consistencies, or specified lexicon. Word and better yet legal term Dictionaries are available for the general meanings of words and of legal terms, and if words and legal terms are to be fit into some ‘specialist’ language the specifics of how words and legal terms vary from the general meanings should be noted and explained.

    Political language can be said to be a language used in such special ways. It is a general rule, that the terms used in political language should be viewed as propaganda. This is so because it is in the arena of politics; which is involved in setting competing policy goals. It is the fact of “competition” that sets this language apart, as the messages are meant to propagate the goals of certain vying political groups involved in all types of advocating for specific agendas..

    George Orwell, Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, and Jaques Elull and other authors and political philosophers have given great insight into the word term double speak legalese political language that has found its way into all political legal and scientific literature for furthering the purpose of control over people, even their population.. Reverse language.. Simplified, don’t kill me means please kill me… Thus convincing a society of people to begin advocating for their own demise.. As is quite evident all around us…