December 12, 2017

Open Thread – 10th Day, 10th Month, 2017

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The Left Would Idolize Him if He Was LBGTQ

Please use this open thread to post your ideas, information and comments about issues not covered in articles published on this website. Thank you.

  • alrem

    This should impress the insane; from the “intelligent” insane folks; they have found “half of the universe’s normal missing matter”.

    Now, ain’t that just a mouthful?

    “In fact, models of the universe hint there should be about twice as much matter as we can see”.

    Thinking these “scientists” have a grip on reality; they do not. They state their THEORY. Not provable in the slightest degree but a theory, like other theories, they do not have to have any truth of fact in them. – Copernicus.

    A globe Theory has never been proven as (reality) fact. A universe has never been proven. Dark matter not proven; Non-matter is non-there it is theory only. An imagined thing.

    I think half of the universe’s normal matter is missing from the minds of the greater populous by theories of imaginations, but indicate to same that these things of “science” are false and watch what happens.

    Provable experiments verify a flat plane – earth – that does not move but is stationary with a small sun and small moon circling within the firmament.

    “The system of Copernicus was admitted by its author to be merely an assumption, temporary and incapable of demonstration.”