November 23, 2017

Nine Months And Still No Director Appointed to Fish And Wildlife Service

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Perhaps if Trump spent less time Tweeting and saying nasty things to and about people his administration could actually accomplish something. Perhaps the greatest presidency to offer lip service while accomplishing nothing, the Trump Administration, including his inept Secretary of Interior, have yet to even nominate a director for the Fish and Wildlife Service.

This guy would fit the bill and blend right in with the rest of Trump’s do-dunks.

Sorry Yogi. Didn’t intend to offend you by lumping you in with the rest of the Trump Administration.

  • RattlerRider

    Yeah but the Babylonian Mystery Religions cluster fk mind control for gooberment goobers is living up to Scriptural predictions 100%… Praise be to the real GOD sitting on his throne observing these wanna be gods being great idiots..