November 23, 2017

Information Regarding Whitetail Deer Dispersal

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Although I’m not a huge fan of Quality Deer Management, they have provided some interesting graphics on deer dispersal, ages of dispersal, timing, distance and what effects all of that.

Please visit this link to view.

  • RattlerRider

    Health officials adjust advice to hunters regarding chronic wasting disease

    {What or who transmitted the chronic wasting disease to the deer? And to the elk? What or who transmitted the mad cow disease to the cows? Because if I wanted to depopulate the earth of life especially direct drivers=people I’d be transmitting diseases and other problems into everything they eat… EVERYTHING…}

    Canada’s leading pathologist on mad cow disease shook up the deer hunting world this year when she delivered to an international gathering of prion disease experts an alarming study with implications for human exposure to chronic wasting disease (CWD).
    By feeding moderate amounts of diseased venison to macaques monkeys over a period of years, Dr. Stefanie Czub found what no one wanted her to find: CWD can be transmitted to non-human primates who are genetically close to humans.