January 20, 2018

Colorado Man Survives Attack by Three “Coyotes”

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Note that in this article, it prattles on about how rare attacks by coyotes are and at the same time telling us that only 89 attacks by “coyotes” have been reported and verified in the United States, and two fatalities. RARE? The majority of “attacks” are never reported and we know not how many of those reported went unverified.

We know little about this particular attack but as long as authorities insist on irresponsibly reporting how harmless large predators are to humans, more attacks will happen due to ignorance and the wrong belief that wild animals “are more afraid of you than you are of them.”

Even though God told Noah and his offspring: “Also the fear of you, and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the heaven, upon all that moveth on the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea: into your hand are they delivered.” (Genesis 9:2), the times they are changing. For countless reasons things are not as they once were. God promised the animals would fear us, but He also warned us that sin combined with tribulations of the final days, animals would begin to terrorize people.

Note also that the article states that the majority of “coyote” attacks happen “near the suburban-wildland interface.” This tells us that the growing trend is a real conflict between attempts to allow large predators to go unchecked while forcing people to “learn to live with them.” Animals may fear us but with too many of them and a shrinking habitat, it is completely unpredictable what a starving large predator will do. When the predator sees man as a meal, all bets are off that the animal is going to have much fear of man.

  • RattlerRider

    It’s interesting that here in Idaho the wolves have herded up much of the wild elk and deer still left standing right at the suburban-wildland-agricultural land interface where the rewilding is taking place rather than in the actual wild lands cathedral known as public lands.. The majority of public lands, wilderness and forests are sterile of wildlife.. I recently did 40 miles on the dirt bike in the headwaters of the South Fork Boise river just shy of the Sawtooth Wilderness, an area that was once an incredible elk and deer hunt, saw one set of elk tracks, one set of bear tracks, one set of cougar tracks, and zero camps, zero wall tents, the meat poles are empty and falling down. Bear sightings in there were the norm.. No more..