January 19, 2018

Government 101

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  • RattlerRider

    Here’s a clue.. The finest lawyers admitting to their mass confusion… Seriously openly discussing the flaws of their expertise..

    The Force of Law: Toward a Sociology of the Juridical Field

    • alrem

      I think they are confused. After all, who is it, that has been subjected to their confusion? Yep, the ones they have confused. Confused?

      Ask a lawyer for directions,,,,

      • RattlerRider

        When I read that book, plus the 72 book “Outline of a Theory of Practice”. Among these concepts are the notions of “habitus,” “orthodoxy,” “doxa,” “symbolic capital,” “principles of division,” “symbolic violence,” and “miscognition.” Loyola’s spiritual exercises keeps popping into my mind.. Society of Confusion..

  • alrem

    Going to a nut house and attempting to tell someone in there, as in a resident, they are crazy is no different than talking to someone not locked up in an institution who claims insanity has not reached their cognitive ability to handle living on a spinning ball that chases another spinning hot ball riding an arm of a galaxy no one has ever seen before; all the while the seas are rising round the ball globe because coal did it.

    Can ya tell who’s been driven nuts when they start screaming at ya to shut up? Maybe screaming is a good sign. It says “I don’t want to hear I have been made to think these things”.

    Computer Generated Images are not “pictures of Mars”, as is believed with much faith.

    With some looking around at the “science” and also science of proof, as in the true figure of earth, Rowbotham, I discovered how the earth is round.

    Rome made it round. That’s power/control to be able to change the shape of heaven and earth. But too bad. Rome made it round, it’s her problem we’re all gonna die; after we drown.

    • RattlerRider

      Let the fools have their core be lie eve fairy tales.. It’s really amazing how angry people get over the F.E. argument.. So far from my observations and readings of academic documents using logic reason and common sense such as books by Eric Dubay, Zen Garcia, Samuel Rowbotham, William Carter, David William Scott, and others there is no way that one can come out of those investigative questions of both models and conclude that the discussion is quite compelling.. Better yet we can learn to really observe some very telling evidence all around us with our own eyes.. I am immensely enjoying my makers Flat Earth.. I often crack up laughing over many of the visible evidences of which one can easily overlook if not made aware of them..And so far all the “scientism” folks can do is roll their eyes, and try and discredit us by using comments such as “Enjoy your flat earth” as was used recently to try and do harm to me in a wolf management article.. By Immer of course… So the Rockholm’s Bartells, and Treue’s can enjoy their “planet” and “ball earth theory right up until they bow their knee and admit being completely deceived while here in their meat life learning time..

      • alrem

        An expression I heard quite often while growing up:

        “There must be two of you; I don’t know how one can be so stupid”. hahaha. Followed by:

        “Use yer head for something besides a hat rack”.

        Logic, reason and common sense escape the ball theory – yet to be proven. Simple experiments the average person can apply and then draw their own conclusions. How much more simple can it get than that?

        Of Rowbotham’s insights, I gave his book out to three different persons, all with the same results; Not interested. The Chemtrails in the skies changed direction because the earth tilted towards fall…….

        I am amazed what the mind is capable of. The far fetched and the far, way far simplest of things. Over the past few years my mind has been feeling as if to have been tossed out onto the driveway. Observing it from a distance, I thought to only re-use the certain parts that made sense. Now that it is not filled with things that are not, what is is most apparent.

        …”and they wondered after the beast”. Wondered how it came to be that such lies were “known” to be true.

        To figure out Ordo ab Chao demands chaos be created to have order come. What is left is the Order of delusion.