December 12, 2017

House Natural Resource Committee Letter to President Trump

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*Editor’s Note* – Anyone with any sense of sanity might want to ask why it is that the President of the United States is considering a “restructuring” of the Department of Interior when he has failed so miserably in making appointments within that department. It has been nearly one year since he walked into the White House and still positions remain vacant. Is this part of his restructuring plan?

  • RattlerRider

    “President Donald Trump’s job, as with all politicians, together with the world’s mainstream gate-keepers and false opposition, is to simply, consistently, and continuously, deflect the world’s attention by providing distractions; to prevent people from scrutinising and understanding the true workings of power and its ambitions by keeping them busy with inconsequential nonsense, as and when it is expedient to do so; including having to use out-right lies to prevent people seeing implemented changes that are fundamentally detrimental to their well-being.”—ThereIsNoDebt

    • TRemington

      Very well said.