January 16, 2018

Sitting Down to a Cup of Coffee With a Bear

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Once upon a time, men exploited game animals to a point where it was feared that sustaining a population was becoming a problem. Recognizing that this was not a good thing, as well as irresponsible, man set out to correct the problem. Part of the resolution crafted what today is known as the North American Model of Wildlife Management, a tried a proven activity that has provided much of this country with ample wildlife for all to enjoy.

Over time, perverse behavior, prevalent in all totalitarians, began to change things and to change them for the worse. Unfortunately, those demanding the change, embroiled in their new romance with animal perversion, don’t see the error of their ways. It’s sick behavior really.

Void of actual science, replaced by “Voodoo Science” (scientism) and “Romance Biology,” these perverse totalitarians set out to “change the way we approach wildlife management.” One of those changes is to discuss (write about) animals as though they were persons. Animals are not people. Animals are animals, and while it is in the best interest of man to manage our wildlife species FOR OUR BENEFIT, until I can sit down with a bear, have a conversation and drink a cup of coffee, that bear remains nothing but an animal.

This morning I was reading a letter to the editor found in a Maine newspaper. It is a classic example of the exemplification of animal perversion – the product of misguided teachings including the repeated dissing of man.

The editorial is about how bear hunting is a terrible thing and that bears are “victims.” I have taken the time to go through the short piece and share with readers the many, many uses of pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, and nouns that should only be used when discussing human beings and not animals.

Remember, these are used in describing a wild, black, bear: “Maine legend;” “Victim;” “Who;” “His;” “He;” “Venerable;” “Patriarch among his peers;” “Right to live;” “His Existence;” “He Chose;” “Who Might;” “His Life;” “His Remains;” “His Body;” “Noble Animal.”

There is something very wrong with a society that perverts the created existence and purpose of animals, while at the same time having a very low opinion of his fellow man. One has to wonder what such a person thinks of themselves.

  • RattlerRider

    They think anyone that does not believe those thoughts that have been placed into their minds via social engineering from someone else that thought this pantheist crap up is unfit and of unsound mind and should be exterminated.. That’s exactly what the language they’re using means whether they themselves comprehend that or not.. I’ve figured out that most of those people don’t comprehend what they’re actually saying.. And unfortunately most of the pro wildlife management “gurus” don’t comprehend it either and they refuse to openly discuss this problem and it’s origins.. The hunting community itself is rife with gatekeepers.. Keeping people in the dumb..

    The wildlife is intentionally being wiped out right before our eyes and it is this non management mess and the environmentalist cult of fake conservationist idiots who are responsible via being gullible and so opened minded to these changes proffered by so called scientists claiming wild life and wild earth salvation that their minds fell out of their heads..And part of the responsibility falls upon the shoulders of the hunting communities gatekeepers.. Along with their own anti Yeshua attitudes which is bringing this judgement down upon themselves..

  • RattlerRider

    “In America, you can say anything you want as long as it has no effect.”~Paul Goodman