January 16, 2018

Eastport, Maine’s Continuing “Deer Problem”

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Actually, I don’t think Eastport has a “deer problem.” I think they have a people problem who think they can cure a perceived problem with a “new way to look at wildlife management” – i.e. Romance Biology and Voodoo Scientism.

If you live in Eastport, Maine, you have the right to keep and bear arms. However, if you are attacked within the city limits and need to defend yourself, make sure the gun you have for self-defense is small enough to throw but big enough to cause some damage if it should strike a violent criminal. That’s because in Eastport, like many other towns and cities in America, there is a law about discharging a firearm in the city. Why are these laws not being challenged?

That’s part of the so-called deer problem.

Another issue is that a deer committee, formed to look at ways of resolving the “problem” admit they are anti-hunting and seek alternative ways of “learning to live with” the deer. A Bangor Daily News article states that a member of the town’s deer committee said, “…And Bartlett made it clear the committee wasn’t a deer hunting group but rather a deer deterrent group.”

The two biggest limiters of deer populations in Maine are severe winters and depredation by large predators, i.e. bears, coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions(?). What better place to mitigate these life-threatening problems than to take up residence in a town that only wishes to “deter” deer, where they probably get fed by residents and where, usually, these large predators are not interested in having much to do with…until they get really hungry. Then they can take a bunch of pets, livestock and an occasional child or two in their quest for a meal.

Here’s my prediction. According to this news article, “…each of the deer that has been taken during the special hunt has been checked for ticks, with Lyme disease being a concern. Over the past two seasons, none of the deer have had ticks. The deer deterrent committee seems mostly unconcerned about private property and public safety of Eastport residents – at least not enough to do anything serious to lessen the problem. When deer become numerous enough and predators hungry enough to come to town for dinner, along the way they will begin eating up citizen’s pets. People can be put at risk and have their property destroyed, but when something causes harm to their pets, attitudes will change. Add to that the likelihood of increased risk of contracting some kind of disease that hits close to home, and soon bullets will replace arrows.

There’s a reason why the North American Model of Wildlife Management is still the best way to manage wildlife.

It works!

  • Wyatt_Earp

    The selective care for “animals” in the Maine situation is very reminiscent of what is going on in one of our national parks. You see Isle Royale has a moose and wolf population and the wolves are dying off. They were down to two wolves last year now this year they say one……. NOW, they say they want to bring in more wolves to help with the “moose problem” where the moose population is increasing (currently around 1500) and they say they want to bring in wolves because of their care for the “eco-systems”…… Well, lets look at history of the population of moose and wolves on the island. It’s the highest of highs and the lowest of lows…

    On the isle wolves ate the moose (down to a few hundred) until they themselves starved…then the moose hit the roof and exploded to the point that (2400 moose) well above what biologist would consider sustainable AND TODAYS POPULATION. The moose had nothing left to eat and were ransacking the island. …..then a bad winter came and killed off 2000 moose …..they starved! Wolves are real balancers of Nature aren’t they? MAN on the other hand could have been part of Nature (as they have been for at least 12000 years) on that island and kept the moose herd at the 1020 moose science feels is a balance……. this is what our game managers do for wildlife….. Without man nature is and always has been a constant struggle for survival with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows……people that talk “balance” of nature with wolves are either ignorant or purposefully trying hoodwinking the public.

    NOW, they are going to bring in more wolves at a huge cost to the Nation Park Service! ….. ONLY proving that the Federal Government 19 trillion in debt needs to be nurtured!