January 16, 2018

Global Warming Causes Stupidity and Stupid People To Follow The Stupid

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BOSTON (Reuters) – Snowfalls atop an Alaskan mountain range have doubled since the start of the industrial age, evidence that climate change can trigger major increases in regional precipitation, according to research published in the journal Scientific Reports on Tuesday.

The study by researchers from Dartmouth College, the University of Maine and the University of New Hampshire, shows modern snowfall levels in the Alaska Range at the highest in at least 1,200 years, averaging some 18 feet per year from around 8 feet per year from 1600-1840.<<<Read More>>>

  • alrem

    …”in at least 1,200 years,”
    I guess if the seas are going to rise and add to the snow depths at the same time the seas are lowering, with Antarctica melting and the seas rising while the seas are lowering proof in ice core samples, I can just keep adding words and words to this sentence and make as much sense as what Glowball Warning is doing, going to do, has done, until the end of time; Unless Glowball Warning changes time too. Oh Christ!