January 19, 2018

Coywolves in Maine Using Wolf Tactics To Bring Down Healthy Buck

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The below photograph was sent to me from people I know in Maine. It was taken with a game camera from a location in Eastern Maine.

We know that genetically the wild dogs in Maine are a hybrid mixture of coyote, wolf, feral dog and domestic dog. It appears from this photo and others similar to it that I have seen, that Maine’s “coywolves” certainly have inherited more size and hunting tactics employed by wolves to bring down large prey such as the nice mature, healthy buck shown in the picture.

The myths of predator/prey relationships perpetuated by the ignorant believe that wolves/coyotes only kill sick prey and have no idea that this is simply not true or how the wild dogs go about eating and killing their prey while the prey is still alive, as is depicted in this photograph. For this kind of hunting, there is no such thing as an instant or “humane” kill.

  • alrem

    This deer’s guts are gone….. This must the be the social wildlife management we’ve been hearing about where hunting is literally being fed to the gods of dogs.

    ASPCA …..The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was it? It’s charter says: …..to end hunting. The “Humane” Society……

    Hunting is inhumane.

    Just think of all the hard work the so called game departments have done to make sure this continues. And hunters might wonder what the dollar valve is for dogs eating the game. Maybe they like throwing their money away. Maybe they’re shooting the dogs.

    See that deer coexist? They have all come to terms; three dogs and a deer deciding what’s for dinner.

    I think this is sick. And it is “destruction of services”, a crime,