January 19, 2018

Aren’t There Profits To Be Made Promoting Lyme Disease?

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*Editor’s Note* – Like with many things these days, so-called scientists are using Climate Change to focus all their efforts on to promote more and more fake research. We all suffer, in one form another, when any so-called scientist or scientific institution declare their intentions to focus all efforts on the effects of Climate Change. Such is the case we are seeing here with Lyme disease.

With an all-out focus on Climate Change, it is a guarantee that studies, bought and paid for by the taxpayers, will be never-ending and profit margins will soar.

“The changing climate in Maine caused by global warming is potentially creating new tick habitats and accelerating the spread of Lyme disease, according to research being done in the state.”<<<Read More>>>

  • alrem

    Another theory, never proven, for profit. Global Pocket Warming.

    “A Theory does not have to be true…Capernicus. He moved the earth out of the center of the (“does not have to be true”) “universe” and put the sun in the “center of the universe”.

    That globe that Atlas holds on his shoulders is a theory never proven but the globe theory is real according to most everyone.

    Global warming is theory, never proven. Just a theory in imaginations, is essentially what Capernicus says.

    So the “tick problem”, based on an unproven theory, will do what? Continue to get worse and the solution is Our hands are tied-It’s global warming? If it’s a matter of more money, just what have they been doing with the funds they have had for all these years? We get dogs and ticks.