December 11, 2023

A Psychological Meme On The Psychology Of The Modern Era Wolf Pimp

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I bet if we used neuroscience, to better know the brains of pantheists who most often are psychopaths, a neurodevelopmental disorder, akin to autism, we’d then understand the pantheist wolf pimp mentality better. We know so much about the pathological psychopath mental state already, even reading these pantheists numerous comments advocating for wolves rights over mans rights and do a forensic analysis based on the psychopathy check list these disgusting comments they make in defense of wolves become self explanatory.. I see a need for more mental asylums in the U.S. and in Canada.. The Psychopathy Check List-Revised (PCL-R) was developed for researchers in 1980 and released publicly in 1991. It’s been the gold standard used by researchers ever since. Forensic clinicians and the justice system use it to identify the obvious hallmark traits and behaviors that make psychopaths chillingly unique. This research covers the ever growing population of ambulatory psychopaths as well, this is where the pantheist naturalist rights of trees dirt rocks even bugs are superior to mankind’s rights comes into recognition in the psychological world of this research. Thus wolf pimps can be a case study.. The term psychopath was coined in the mid- to late 1800s from its Greek roots psykhe and pathos, meaning “sick mind” or “suffering soul.” In that era, the condition was typically considered a type of moral insanity. An excellent book on the subject is The Mask of Sanity by psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley. The lack of empathy and callousness of the animals rights gurus speaks for itself.. In the case of the pantheist wolf pimp psychoanalysis perhaps using the method of semantic aphasia as an analogy could be useful. In semantic aphasia there is a loss of understanding of the meaning of words and terms, even though the pantheist wolf pimp subject can use words. Research professionals have used semantic aphasia to explain how psychopaths appear normal on the outside (the ‘Mask’) but inside have no comprehension of other people’s real experiences. This might explain why they claim wolf management rural advocates are not in touch with reality and obviously lie about everything , when in fact we’re telling them the truth.. This is certainly a fascinating research project I’m currently getting into… Essentially the psychology of scientism theories in relation to what pantheist wolf pimps are willing to believe meme is no less based on designing ‘experiments’ to test these ‘theories’ rather than simply advocating to enforce the theories, a ‘scientism theorist pantheist wolf pimp’ should be investigating and testing the assertions of these scientism narratives. And then also they should Psychoanalyze themselves__perhaps they can discover what makes THEM ALL tick?

Have a nice day psychos….