August 16, 2022

Most People Have No Idea What Is Going On

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Besides the new technology that is constantly evolving I’ve noticed that with each presidential election the “laws” and the citations of either existing laws or laws being called out for, are usually already in place, have been for years, and we’re simply observing replay after replay of the same propaganda over and over again.. Same thing as the Movie remakes we keep observing, for example the Death Wish Script is coming out again.. Rinse and repeat.. I wonder about the incapacity to come up with new material.. I also wonder about the incapacity for most people to recall these various propagandized replays.. Everything is on automatic replay, different words different terms different faces and different places but same script.. Over and over and over.. I’m telling my friends right now to stop falling into the replay.. These are reruns guys… Step up and move up and ignore it.. Because it’s old bullshit…