October 3, 2022

Leftists Are The Worst Trespassers In My Experiences

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For years while I was growing up back home on my fathers property near the west side of the  Sawtooth Wilderness his left wing neighbors went all over his land whenever they wanted, took wood and whatever else they felt entitled to take.. Including stealing every last fish out of the families two acre pond.. Then when one neighbor stored his concrete forms on dad’s meadow, dad never paid it much mind.. Until the rascal was caught filing legal papers claiming he owned the land because his junk sat there for almost enough time to pull that legal scam off.. Costing the old man $50,000 to get the neighbor shutdown.. Yep, they’re died in the wool leftists..

Then for years at our property in the southern Wood River Valley, an anti hunting, anti guns, pro wolf, left wing neighbor was always snooping in our yard.. I knew this because of the wildlife cameras.. I never said anything because I wanted to see how far this fool was willing to go when she thought I wasn’t looking.. Until one day I’d had enough of it and told her to knock it off.

Caught in the act she claimed she was just getting a drink out of the hose bib, whereupon she attempted to draw me into a gun ownership debate, I told her I don’t care what she believes in about guns please leave..Uh no I did not make any threats… She’s never been back.. The thing is, she and her husband are very vocally adamant that people stay off of their property.. As can be seen in the article linked, the leftists hate property rights, unless its their property rights..

I suggest folks go stand around in the good professors yard and wait for the police to come, because he’ll call them.. These people are trouble makers.. They want to trespass and take pictures of whatever they think is wrong going on on right wingers property, and either sue em or get em busted by the state.. Hell these people are so protective of their property they won’t allow certain people to comment on their web sites because they only hear their own beliefs jingling around in their heads and don’t want to hear how wrong they are..

Yep, I say head on over to Uncle Maughan’s yard and set up your picnic and go to enjoying yourself.. Take a crap in his flower bed, observe the steam coming out of his ears.. Tell the old fart all you wanted to do was take a picture of his red face…Whats the big deal? By the way, I’d love to hear the property owners side of his little story where he always makes out that everyone that opposes his wants or actions are stupid hicks that say stupid stuff.. Sure uncle Maughan, sure….take a video camera along.. I bet ya ten dollars he gets violent and pushy..


Leftists want to control the narrative without opposition or questions. They’re superior intellectual legends in their own minds…I’ve made the discovery that while leftists talk a lot, act superior to others in every way, they’re really not that bright.. People that want to be other peoples conscience are usually mentally deranged if you ask me.. The live and let us live folks are normal.. The always into other folks business folks are all crazy..


Watch out for bill to change Idaho’s trespassing law

“Because this is the tradition of the West, the West is liberal. Most historians see liberalism as a political outlook and practice founded in the nineteenth century. But nineteenth-century liberalism was simply a temporary organizational manifestation of what has always been the underlying Western outlook. That organizational manifestation is now largely dead, killed as much by twentieth-century liberals as by conservatives or reactionaries…The liberal of about 1880 was anticlerical, antimilitarist, and antistate because these were, to his immediate experience, authoritarian forces that sought to prevent the operation of the Western way. …But by 1900 or so, these dislikes and likes became ends in themselves. The liberal was prepared to force people to associate with those they could not bear, in the name of freedom of assembly, or he was, in the name of freedom of speech, prepared to force people to listen. His anticlericalism became an effort to prevent people from getting religion, and his antimilitarism took the form of opposing funds for legitimate defense. Most amazing, his earlier opposition to the use of private economic power to restrict individual freedoms took the form of an effort to increase the authority of the state against private economic power and wealth in themselves. Thus the liberal of 1880 and the liberal of 1940 had reversed themselves on the role and power of the state…” Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time”, Carroll Quigley, Page 1231

Communitarianism views individuals as more or less interchangeable cells who find meaning in their contribution to the social whole rather than as free agents. Participation with whatever the social whole deems beneficial to the social whole.. Such as killing unborn babies.. Vaccines. Removal of anyone that refuses to be a participant of their social idiocy… See the left versus right… Both have killed whoever they want ever since they began their so called enlightenment here in establishing this Union of collectivist idiocy…

Thats right, the rightist persuasion is off kilter as well… Both of those lefty righty nut cases have been trampling all over the individuals freewill for centuries..

I have several maps, always know where I’m at, I never trespass, not for any reason ever, no excuses.. It’s called being responsible.. Knowing where you’re at is your responsibility not the land owners nor the states..

Heck, if ya argue back in support of your own intellectual intelligence, such as take your leftist conscience and keep it because I have my own conscience, they’re insulted, how dare you talk back to my superior conscience….These leftist idiots even want to trespass in your head…

Make sure ya slap uncle Maughan’s wife on her butt cheek while you’re camping in his yard.. After all it’s all public property ya know..