August 18, 2022

Using Children To Demonize Small Arms Possession In The U.S.

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Interestingly enough as we observe school children walking out of school to protest small arms in private citizens possession to bolster the social engineering to confiscate our guns, I must remind folks that Mao Zedong used the same strategy in 1966 to force Communist rule in China – a youth movement called the Red Guard. It was also the same strategy used by Roman Catholic Jesuit trained Hitler who used teenagers in his “Hitler Youth” movement, which became compulsory Nazi indoctrination for boys 10-18 years of age, to force Nazi rule in Germany. Hitler shaped his SS as a replication of the Jesuit Order.. Also 4th vow Jesuit soldier Castro used the Popular Socialist Youth to overtake Cuba and install Communism there. What happened next? The people surrendered their guns, their guns were forcefully taken, possession was outlawed.. Then those currently in control of the Government executed anyone and everyone that was a previous gun owner, a political opponent, religious opponent, suspected of dissidence against tyranny..Using children like this is not a new idea. This is straight out of the Jesuit playbook. And it is happening while Donald J. Trump is president.. Setting the stage for eventual confiscation.. Interesting how this move towards a NWO keeps moving forward at a faster and faster pace.