August 16, 2022

A Foetus Is Not A Person In Law With Rights

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Why You Are Screwed By So Called Government That Is A Corporation. A Foetus Is Not A Person In Law With Rights. But Corporations Are Persons With Rights..

By The Informer

The subject was on the US Supreme Court decision that a Foetus is not a person in law with rights, but that corporations are persons – some people have asked me why.

My answer was:

They don’t know how to keep the secret from getting out that all corporations in law are persons and the people are individual corporations themselves, as we found in the Raleigh, NC archives back in 1996.

The foetus is not a person as it hasn’t been born yet. But when it does, it becomes their person slave. If people only knew they weren’t persons until they became a member of the corporation, things would change rather fast if they realized they could not be taxed at all for being a man or a woman. This is why the entire codes of State and United States all say person required, person liable, no person shall and on, & on, ad infinitum. So all the court is doing is trying to protect their scam. Because if they admitted the foetus was a person, the whole world of theirs would be turned upside down.

They, by their very own man made laws would or could tax that foetus and then the people are still dumbed down to know that all persons are slaves. Imagine 5 people setting up a corporation not yet born and being taxed for a corporation not yet born of the 5 people. Just the thought would then be being taxed. See what they are trying to get away from? That Foetus would be an ALIEN. The corporation is an alien until it is recorded with the Secretary of State to do business. The case of Colonial Pipeline v Joseph N Triangle 421 US 100, stated that corporations are created so the corporation, read that as United States and States, would have revenue coming in. It’s toward the back of the case and you have to read it very carefully to see it.

So how can an alien be a person people would ask?

What made the foetus all of a sudden become a person?

I understand, but most people have no clue of their diabolical scam on the use of words and terms. Just look at the definition of terms of Person defined in 26 U.S.C. 7701 (a) (1). This proves corporations already were persons way back to 1866, and before then. A State is a person because it’s a corporation. Now we are all being persons, you can see where an administrator (that everyone calls a judge) can make a plea for you as he is a person also representing the corporation as a person. You are both equal under their law.

Neat little scam they got going, Huh?

Now this is why the corporation can sit and rule for itself because YOU are a person also and not a man or a woman any longer, as you accepted what the corporation said that you were, a person also. That means you really don’t know who you are, but what they say you are. That’s why no black man ever used the 14th Amendment till 1930, yet all corporations used it from the very get go it was passed. As I said, until people understand legal term PERSON {In Law} they don’t really know who they are, only what the corporation wants them to believe. What did Whiting in his War Powers Documents say about aliens not coming under US law but persons, with Person being the subject, the member, the citizen, the voter, the slave to the corporation? You see those aliens are not under contract..

Just think; the Padleford case said man – they said person to cover their ass – was not a party to the con job and could not claim a breach of the con job as only the states could? Then if they were not a party to the con job, how can they vote for the president of the con job and then be denied the privilege to Vote? Think about that for a while. IT’S a PRIVILEGE to VOTE not a right. They did that so the Pope could install his CEO that everyone calls President.

Have I broke through their scam yet so it can be understood?

Hey, let’s all go see Santa to get free toys and leave him a note telling him what we want. That is the mentality of people today. A 4th grader. How can they compete with reasoning against people with such diabolical minds who rule persons with terms and not words? Looking at 7701(a) (1), what defines a PERSON in LAW? Corporations, Individuals, Associations. Are they not all corporations? Sure are.

What is an individual?

Oh, you are?

Where is that “Individual” defined?

Right in Title 5 U.S.C. 552 it states (a) Definitions. – For purposes of this section – (1) the term “agency” means agency as defined in section 552(e) (!1) of this title; (2) the term “individual” means a citizen of the United States or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence;

Note the TERM “individual” is a US CITIZEN.

So the TERM PERSON in tax law, uses “INDIVIDUAL” as a defining term for the term PERSON.


See how they say you are liable?

You admit to being a PERSON of character and never a Man who is an Alien. TAXPAYER and ARTIFICIAL PERSON are one in the same and all 50 statutes of US Code, say PERSON LIABLE. And therefore all “INDIVIDUAL” income tax forms specifically say any PERSON Liable must file an ” INDIVIDUAL ” federal income tax form. Here they mix words and terms and no one is the wiser due to dumbing down of the people for centuries.

Ok, what we have here is all neatly wrapped up in one sentence, with TERMS quoted for your demise. ALL “PERSONS” must file their “INDIVIDUAL” Federal income tax returns. If you put it in code, you can see what they are saying and the word federal is left as a word. Broken down it says this; All corporate, artificial members MUST file their US citizen contract, (Yes the word federal means contract) income, (kick back return) for the Privilege of being a corporate member.

This is what people cannot comprehend – although they can read, they don’t know what terms are and believe they are words. This is why all PERSONS are incompetent and need other incompetent persons called attorneys, in their private corporation courts manned by executive administrative officers called judges who are just other incompetent persons. The case on this is ;


“In the cases just cited, as also in others, it is recognized that the courts of the District of Columbia are not created under the judiciary article of the Constitution but are legislative courts, and therefore that Congress may invest them with jurisdiction of appeals and proceedings such as have been just described..

* ** Our conclusion is that the proceeding in that court was not a case or controversy in the sense of the judiciary article, but was an administrative proceeding, and therefore that the decision therein is not review able by this court.” 281 U.S. 464 (1930) 281 U.S. 464 And the follow up case is this;

Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and codes (FRC. V. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428, 1 Stat. 138-178);

How are they enforced? By courts that are pure, corporate administrative courts. And therein lies their Just-Us-Good-Ole-Boys-Always-Receive. It’s legal, as they are protecting the corporation from the malcontent persons that you are because you don’t know who you really are. You think you are man or woman. NO, you are not. You are a corporate person whether you like it or not.

You wanted citizenship so badly you gave up, voluntarily, all natural Law Rights for privileges of corporate membership, wherein you are a person in law and are no longer looked upon as the physical human being in legal statute law.

Can you find any legal statute, anywhere where MAN or WOMAN is mentioned?

I rest my case.

The Informer