September 24, 2023

Where Did The “Sky God” Go?

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The “sky” God stepped aside and took up the position of conscientious objector when mankind chose to have their own Kings, presidents, scientists, what have you, whereupon man plays as his own god.. And as the story goes there is a nefarious fallen rebel angel influencing the chaos.. The problem that everyone seems to overlook is YHWH stepped out of the way and left us to our own self determination.. YHWH predicted the outcome. But stepped aside, we are on our own here because we wanted it that way. He stated that he cannot hear our cries to him because of our own madness. Obviously we cannot manage this Earth, this world system.. It doesn’t matter where we look, its being done wrong. And included in that is every single one of us refuses to look in the mirror..

All of us at varying levels of understanding our surroundings sees things that are wrong.. Nobody has the solution.. Not us not them, and not you dear reader, nor any of our little cliques of friends that think alike.. Knowing the architecture of the political power structure as I do, won’t help.. Knowing the so called scientific knowledge won’t help, isn’t helping..

The mass man and most of those semi awake cannot even correctly self identify. For example, I am a man, that phraseology leads us to an intellectual property owner who named me man.. Others have come up with other words and terms to identify me, as a human, a species, a race, and even as a resource, a PERSON, a corporate entity contracted with this corporate system. Those same crafty word term smiths tricked us into legally abolishing forced enslavement. Yet they created a system of legal voluntary slavery.

They also dumbed everyone down, they dumbed down Americans, and that means everyone. Myself, my friends, YOU dear reader, and your friends.. Everyone.. And the thing is, we cannot sit down and discuss the EVIDENCE.. It’s been made taboo.. Or most people just cannot face it, because it’s like walking through those places holding all of those lost animals, depressing. In conclusion, those people that some refer to as following some sky god, are no closer to understanding his divorcing mankind than the agnostic or atheist are.. The system worshippers holding onto the traditions of the system of men while holding the Covenants of YHWH in their hands at the same time are pseudo sky god believers. If we all meet the sky god someday, he will likely say he doesn’t know any of us.. So YHWH is not managing us..

We sold ourselves to the man gods.. It’s the same as a legal divorce with a restraining order.. He’s not going to interfere with each of us managing our own business that doesn’t include him.. He doesn’t work the way the man gods do, who want to force themselves and their alleged superior intelligence upon the rest of us.. Obviously most people don’t comprehend the rules.. The separate systems, the separate covenants.. Man made their own covenants and we’re all living it.. And as we can see everyone is crying about it.. Everyone is off in their little echo chamber groups crying and bitching about this messed up world system, all created by men..

And they’re asking YHWH to fix the system but the system is not his, he doesn’t want it, he never wanted it, he predicted how it would be and how it would end.. Without completely divorcing it, coming out of it, no longer being of it, and inviting him back into our personal spiritual consciousness that is asleep until he wakes it up, he can’t hear us.. We have to be sincere when ask him to wake us up.. If we’re still voting for man gods, that is insincerity.. We cannot have both..