October 4, 2022

Psalms 89:34 – Covenant is Contract.

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The men who make their own contracts, charters, constitutions, covenants, all outside of Yahweh’s Covenants, Lawfulness and Justness, cannot make this claim Yahweh makes in Psalms.. For thousands of years man has been making his own contracts, and failing miserably.. This is why they are lawless, because contractual agreements outside of the Covenant of the one true law giver are acts of men in lawlessness, using their perversions of language to enslave one another.. As father Yahweh so stated himself.. What does men’s legalese accomplish? It’s simple.. It keeps everyone focused on the perfection of legalism in their false hope and search of peace rather than focusing on the root cause and true intent of those men who wrote and write legalisms..