January 30, 2023

Concerning the U.N.E.P. Wolf Issue

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Any chance of pushing this UNEP wolf issue off the backs of those oppressed by this UNEP problem, because of apathy, disinterest, laziness, political division, listening to liar political hacks rather than researchers working diligently in discovery of word and term efforts to unravel this governments fraudulent political authority has all but been lost… Because of lacking of knowledge to argue correctly against the lawlessness being perpetrated against us.. Because ignorant people would rather listen to Rockholm, Fanning, Kemery and anyone else who runs their mouth yet can’t back up their mouth… So those with political authority keep this thing moving in fast forward because they face no credible opposition..

That International Law is pure commerce under the UCC , which emanates from the old NIL, which created the Admiralty Jurisdiction in the first place, which is pure Hammurabi Law. The source for that is found in the Admiralty case of Southworth Machinery Co. Inc. v F/V Corey Pride, et al., 1993 AMC 2261 on page 2265, Footnote 3, citing Benedict on Admiralty (7th Ed) and 4 other cases from 1984 to 1989. They are all commercial under maritime principles and subject to Admiralty Jurisdiction. In that case we have standing under International Law of Hammurabi that existed in 1600 BC and ruled the entire world, including the Roman Empire, The Laws of Rodians promulgated 900 B,C., which preceded the Christian era by 4 centuries and were put there by Justinian’s authority about 533 A.D.; the Law of Oleron, the Phoenicians, The Egyptians, China , India , France , England . So you see they screwed themselves when one knows what law they are operating under. That law is the oldest law known by mankind, that being Hammurabi. Hammurabi feared the Lord and wrote the laws as close to God’s law as possible to get rid of evil and help the people like us today.

They should read all his laws that come as close to the Lord’s law as anyone can get. Hammurabi’s Laws used by the government does not preclude us from using the law against the government. Of course the law that even trumps this man’s law is the Lord’s Law found in the Bible. But 99 percent of the People in America have shunned The Lord Almighty for man’s laws and seemingly they do want a King/ President to give their allegiance to rather than to the Lord Almighty. People would rather live as they are now and read all the men in history, Plato, Servius, Paulus, Vattel, Blackstone, Story, Pardessus and the list goes on. Not one of these men has ever cited the Lord’s Law as the ultimate law and what they have to say, rather than what the Lord said to live by. References to Hammurabi law was made by the U.S. Supreme court in modern times, They are Farrel v. United States ,336 U.S. 511, 69 S. Ct. 707, 93 L.Ed.850 and Mitchell v. Trawler Racer, 362U,S. 539, 80 S.CT. 926, 4 L.Ed. 2nd 941. All one has to do is invoke Admiralty law found in Title 28 as that’s where all Admiralty Rules were put, including the supplemental Rules of Admiralty A through F. You see that’s why they say you can’t bring the Constitution into a pure contract private Admiralty law scene. The courts have been operating in Admiralty since 1789.

The UNEP bullshit would hit a stone wall against truly enlightened men with a comprehensive understanding of these legal and lawful defenses…But since those certain “leaders” of the defense against this UNEP WOLF issue chose ignorance as their mechanism of argument they have accomplished NOTHING..

What did  Yahweh say about if you did this he would do what for your lands?

Thinking yourselves wise those wiser than you have made fools of you.. Not being as wise as those serpents who sicked those wolves on you has failed you… Not harmless as a dove skilled in using your minds to their full potential to turn the enemies own laws against them.. Self defeat..

Back to your politicians playing gods over your lives…

Ignorance wins you NOTHING…

Thanks goes out to ALL of the researchers past and present who actually did something in the push back effort against this evil system of deception.. James Montgomery. The INFORMER. David Williams. Spooner. Thoreau. Zackery Taylor.. Even Hammurabi himself..