January 27, 2023

Oops! Computer Crashes on Maine’s Any-Deer Permit Application

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Deadline extended until Monday.

MDIFW spokesman says they will email everyone who applied for a permit last year to let them know they have until Monday to apply.

With Maine’s deer population running at low numbers and MDIFW allotting a record number of “Any-Deer Permits” it would appear something has to give. Is it that Maine is looking for a one year boost in deer harvest to make things look better than they really are? And what will the deer harvest for 2019 look like?

Even with the increased number of permits going to Wildlife Management Districts where officials say deer numbers need to be reduced, it still makes little sense to me that a record number of permits are needed to balance the overall population.

Couple these thoughts with the new approach MDIFW has decided to take toward deer management where health is the number one issue and counting and tracking populations is not, it’s tough to justify a move to issue unprecedented numbers of anterless deer permits.

I don’t like…but in two years time, we will have a better idea.