February 1, 2023

U.S. Government Creating Projectile Vomiting

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It’s getting to the point that when I only hear the words U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representative, Supreme Court, President of the United States, Federal Reserve, Stock Exchange, NASA, NOAA, Trump, Pelosi, Left, Right, Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, the Wall, War on Drugs, War on Poverty, Immigration, Welfare, Food Stamps, and a whole host of other man-made disasters, that I feel like the woman to the left in the picture.

Haven’t you gotten to that point yet? I wish you would. The fools who play at all this are all crooks – narcissistic, criminals capable only of devising ways to take what’s left of our money and freedom, leaving us with absolutely nothing to live freely and prosper with and yet, in our own programmed inability to recognize Truth, we run back for more, believing the next round of cheaters, stealers, and liars will be different.

It’s more and more like the man or woman who is constantly abused, maybe to the point of physical beatings, and yet somehow, they return to the only thing they know.


I am at a point I almost never take any information from the government or their minions in the Press. I just don’t go there. I refuse to read their lies, garbage, and filth.

When someone asks, “Did you see where….” I just slowly shake my head from side to side and smile. I take a moment to thank Yahweh.

There are other things I refuse to do. I won’t participate in any “Social Media,” as the perpetuators of propaganda and hatred control much of the world. NOTHING good comes from that filthy cesspool and yet, our society is addicted to it. Go ahead.

I pray the day comes when more and more of you can leave all this disgusting mess behind you and begin to use your own brains again to seek the Truth.

In the meantime, I stay near a toilet.