February 5, 2023

Camuso Confirmed as IFW Commissioner

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You can read Ms. Camuso’s testimony she read before the confirmation committee here.

Congratulations all around for the selection and appointment of Judy Camuso, former Wildlife Director at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW), to the elevated, tough, and prestigious rank of commissioner. Only time will tell what kind of a commissioner she will be.

Reading her testimony, it runs like a well-prepared political campaign speech written for the purpose of impressing those appointed to approve or disapprove. It is for that reason I put little value behind such a speech, regardless of how promising it may seem to some and world-ending to others.

With all of this in mind, I would like to make a few comments about her goals and perspectives.

My biggest concern was somewhat addressed by the new commissioner when she said, “We need to bring consumptive and non-consumptive users together to help us address the complicated challenges facing fish and wildlife.” In her vision to bring more hunters and fisherman to the sport, one in which the new commissioner points out to be “the primary tools we use to manage fish and wildlife populations…”, she never gets to speak the words I would have loved to have heard.

It is nothing more than a political sham to make such statements of how I am uniquely qualified to bring both sides of the aisle together while never saying the words needed to drive that point home to reality. While anyone, and evidently many are doing it today, can say how great her speech sounds that she is going to unite the consumptive and non-consumptive users together in total harmony, it’s quite another to understand why there is such a deep divide between the two existences and solving the real reason for such a division.

I know of no so-called “consumptive” user who would consider it a decent thing to attempt to force non-consumptive users to abandon their idealisms and lifestyles and exchange them for those of the hunter and fisherman. The real problem here is that non-consumptive users, mostly those who are against hunting, trapping, and fishing, and support the “rights” of animals – sometimes over those of men – make no bones about getting into the faces of consumers demanding they end their practices and fall in line with the radical extremism lifestyles they promote.

The question I have is whether or not Commissioner Camuso understands that and if so, what she intends to do or say that will end the toxic attack? Until she can put an end to this sort of quasi-terroristic existence (totalitarianism), it would not only be ill-advised but dangerous to pursue any kind of funding for MDIFW through general taxation. Such a move would only embellish the already radical separation – the cause of such anger and hatred among groups. If both sides are convinced the other side isn’t out to assassinate their lifestyle in order to fulfill idealistic agendas, then general funding might work. Good luck with that.

The second issue to speak of concerns Camuso’s comments on women and their roles at MDIFW. Camuso states: “I will work to bring more women into the IFW community.” Placing this comment in what I believe to be the context of her testimony, I believe her reference to “the IFW community” means mostly the community existence of the MDIFW operation itself.

Personally, I have no issue with whether qualified men or qualified women are doing the job. I don’t intend to put words in Camuso’s mouth, but I would take opposition to bringing “more women into the IFW community, simply to bring in more women – the same as if it were men. I would hope that the objective of building and operating a fish and wildlife department is with the employment of the best qualified people rather than fulfilling some sort of quota to bring more women aboard. I doubt few understand or agree with my perspective on this. It’s the society we have created – part of striving for mediocrity.

Perhaps this is better toned down when Camuso speaks of her support and claims to continue to boost the involvement of women in outdoor pursuits, including that of hunting and fishing. Go for it! A great idea!

I was most disappointed in the new commissioner’s comments about Climate Change. “The potential impacts are catastrophic and mitigating climate change will require high level support, planning and funding.” And herein lies the political ignorance of Climate Change. A changing climate, something that has existed since the beginning of time, does not need “mitigating” through some fictitious “planning” and certainly not with any fraudulent “funding.”

Climate Change, once more accurately and falsely presented as Global Warming, does not exist in the context presented and any half-witt who didn’t flunk Chemistry 101 knows Climate Change, as sold to the public, cannot exist. It is nothing more than a hoax to con billions of dollars out of an ignorant public brought up on “Bread and Circuses.” Evidently, the new commissioner is part of that religious group (or she used the comment to get her through the confirmation process).

If the new commissioner intends to address climate change (not capitalized) then the effort should be placed in a better understanding of a naturally changing climate and what affects that has on the management of wildlife. That is understandable and should have been an integral part of any and all wildlife management plans; past, present, and future.

But, to think that by devising some kind of plans and finding “funding,” which means more taxation levied against the people, to “mitigate” Climate Change, is a con job that nobody should lend a hand to support.

Camuso has a big job to do. I doubt she will have the time nor the support to accomplish much of any of her lofty goals regardless of her own personal ideals. Government is a destructive, devouring monster that has claimed the ambitions of many who have come before Camuso and many who will follow.

I wish her the best of luck.