January 27, 2023

Maine Legislative Committee Opposes Extra Youth Hunting Day

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Recently, Maine hunters and outdoor sportsmen and women heard how the new commissioner for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW), Judy Camuso, intends to recruit more people to hunt and fish.

Clearly she has little support from the legislative Joint Standing Committee of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, as that committee unanimously opposed adding one more day to the youth deer hunting.

Proven to be one of the better methods of recruiting and retaining new hunters to the fold, disallowing one more tiny day of deer hunting evidently isn’t worth the effort to do that.

Perhaps the legislative committee is somehow feeling guilty that the MDIFW instigated an unnecessary killing of more deer than most people wanted (so much for managing per social demands) by issuing a record number of “Any-Deer Permits” that happened to coincide with a very snowy winter that reports now are indicating is resulting in massive deer kills in winter yards – mostly by coyotes/coywolves.

But then, making little sense (politics NEVER do) the same committee voted to allow the elites, who can afford to buy their deer harvest, that purchase a “Superpack” license and buy an “Any-Deer Permit,” can now also participate in the “Any-Deer Permit” lottery in order to draw a second permit to kill antlerless (doe) deer. Does that make any sense to you? If we have extra deer why not first give the youth a shot at them (pun intended).

The committee is basically telling the youth they don’t give two rat’s behinds whether the children get to become lifelong hunters (maybe because they can’t buy the crooked bastard’s votes) but are sure willing to give the wealthy (vote buyers) a chance at more deer.

I don’t envy the job Camuso has facing her. It’s obvious the Legislature has their own crooked agenda and it doesn’t involve the future existence of hunting and fishing in the State of Maine.