December 4, 2022

St. Peter’s Sexual Altar, A Story Of Artistic Stories

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Rome Italy June 27 2015 : View towards the main altar and dome of St Peter’s in Rome

That’s one interesting graven image within a graven image building packed to the hilt with graven imagery… Of penises, vagina’s, semen dripping like honey, a penis shooting a seed into a vagina, dead sheep, serpents, demons, falling angels and only the Almighty Lord God knows what all.. Which he will use in part as to their many lawless acts to condemn them of including their graven image idolatry.. To fully grasp what is being stated in those art works authoring a story one must shade in the shadows with colors to help one to see the evil genius of Michelangelo and Bernini.. Among other artists and architects.. By the way it’s not my building, not my arts, not my altar not my bug eyed god and I don’t frequent crowned snake houses nor do I bow down with Roman Priests to graven images covered in sexual content, so don’t be calling me a pervert..